Mudras for removing the dark circles

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There are ways and there are mudras for lasting benefits

There are ways and there are mudras for lasting benefits

To improve the texture and colour of the skin, women can go up to any extent. Be it following a nine-step nighttime routine or avoiding the sun completely in order to save the skin from the harsh sunlight. Likewise, regular exercise helps in promoting regular blood flow in the body which in turn rejuvenates the skin. However, surprisingly there are some easy-to-do mudras that also help in improving the quality of the skin as well as help in removing the dark circles.

Prithvi Mudra

As the name suggests, Prithvi Mudra aims at grounding the energy of the body. This mudra is helpful in balancing the earth element of the body and at the same time does mental well-being. It also promotes the growth of skin cells in the body.

Sit in the lotus position, make sure the back is straight and your mind relaxed.

Place the hands either on the thighs or on the knee caps. Now bend the ring finger inwards touching the top of the thumb.

Stay in this mudra for a while and then relax. Repeat a few times.

Varun Mudra

Representing the water god, this mudra apart from providing glowing skin helps in clear communication and balancing the water content in the body. This mudra is also helpful in activating the fluid circulation inside the body.

Sit in a comfortable lotus posture keeping the back straight. Remember to keep your legs crossed.

Now bring forward your hands and place them on the thighs. Place hands in such a way that palms face upwards. Slowly, start folding the little finger towards the thumb and keeping the rest of the fingers straight.

Make sure that the tip of the little finger touches the tip of the thumb. Stay in this position for a few minutes and then relax. Repeat it a couple of times.

Brahma Mudra

This mudra derives its name from Lord Brahma, the ‘creator of the world’. This mudra is helpful in providing energy to the body and at the same time helps calm the mind. And apart from glowing skin, Brahma mudra also helps in managing thyroid gland disorders.

Begin by sitting comfortably in the sukhasana

Now, place your thumb at the base of your little finger. Slowly apply the slightest of pressure on this spot.

At this point, make a fist of the palm while keeping the thumb under the forefingers.

Make sure that the fist is facing upwards and the knuckles are touching each other.

Try and stay in this position for a few minutes and relax. Repeat this mudra a few times more.



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