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Proga India as a global leader Gaming company in noida offer state of the art services through our B2B solutions for operators and providers while strengthening our position as the world’s number one casino gaming industry solution provider and continue to evolve globally.

Probability Casino Games entered into Land-based Casino in 2016 with one of the largest casino slot manufacturers distributors in Las Vegas, US.

Over the years, Probability Gaming’s fine team of mathematicians, engineers, programmers, artists and animators have helped the company in creating the most immersive games which appeal to a wider audience, targeting various markets.

Probability Gaming was founded keeping in mind the concurrent boom in online casino gaming opportunities . Our history is that of continuous growth alongside the evolution of a dynamic global online Casino Gaming Companies in Noida. Our leading online Casino gaming applications include online Poker, Bingo, Baccarat, Blackjack and SicBo. We deliver International B2B gaming services across the globe including the American, Asian and European markets.

Our full turnkey solution includes a complete set of products, leading in Aggregated content, Games, XR Casino,  Web App development and Interactive RGS. Our team is built by seasoned gaming executives with past experience in major gaming brands of the world. Let our experienced and dedicated team take care of your customers and marketing communication for a smooth and successful operation.

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