EA announced the details of Madden 21's February patch

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In this month, players must have discovered that a brand new patch is available in Madden NFL 21. Madden players on any platform can experience the specific improvements of Madden 21 after updating the game. EA shows that Madden’s development team has optimized the stability of the game, which shows that the chance of Madden 21 suddenly crashing during operation has decreased again. They also changed some regular functions and made some players’ movements more refined. Players also need to buy some MUT 21 Coins to prepare for entering the game.

Players who have already purchased Madden 21 on Xbox and PS next-generation consoles need to know what is worth noting in this update. Now when they are in a competitive game, only players with the ability to reach the goal can trigger certain high-end operations or actions. And the development team also made the screen more exquisite, and the animations of the players on the move will present more clearly.

When players adjust to the outer deep zone defender in Cover 3, they can improve the timing of the fall to reach the proper coverage depth when the external receivers on short routes are aligned. This change will make them deeper and play any deep path from the slot machine. In addition, they also reduce the frequency of jumping inside to cover the route from the slot, so that external receivers on Streak or Fade can fall behind. Now, the outer deep zone defender will maintain his own Madden 21 Coins and continue to use his area to descend accordingly.

In short, those new players with less experience should pay more attention to these changes. Because presumably the old players, it may be more difficult for them to adapt to these because temporarily their ability to accept them is not strong. Players can also go to GameMS to ask if there is a reliable way to help them speed up, and they can also buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins by the way. Speed up!