Free telephone training Forex introductory free telephone training course is done in 2 stages by telephone.

Forex (foreign exchange market) is an international interbank market
In 1971 when world trade changed from a fixed exchange rate to an exchange rate

Basic training 1 takes place before opening a trading account and basic training 2 after opening a personal trading account.
Submit your application to the Forex broker by completing the free Forex 1 introductory telephone training form. (Please enter the time in the training day and time section in the form during which you can answer, and for basic training 2, in addition to filling out the form, also enter your trading account number)
After filling out the form, you will receive a tracking number with which you can follow your training.
After receiving the completed form from the applicant, the relevant telephone training expert will contact the applicant on the announced day to determine the appropriate day and time of training, and it is also possible to change the day and time by agreement.
The duration of the free Forex 1 and 2 introductory telephone training course depends on the readiness and basic information of the person requesting the training.
It is requested to read the training files so that you have more presence of mind when communicating by phone, so that more important points and ambiguous points are pointed out.
Basic training courses 1 are available for everyone, but introductory training courses 2 are only for Forex trading account holders.
During this course, there will be no absolute way to trade