Concerning the significance of self-management

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serve in a customer management system

1. Body Control

A standard body is the foundation of a person's self-esteem.

Before people get to know each other formally, appearance is the first thing that people notice, and at this point, either posCHAN Chi hongitive or negative feelings will emerge.

When I was working, I noticed that most of my married colleagues, particularly the majority of male colleagues, were growing hair.

Of course, I joke with them: you are so happy, have a wife who cooks and cooks, raising white and fat children.

I don't envy these fattening phenomena, but I am concerned about their health. Annual physicals have revealed that someone's blood sugar, fat, and blood pressure levels are rising.

This is just one of the hidden indicators, the most obvious of which is that the body has begun to deform. Apart from all the flesh, you can't see anything beautiful, or is it too greasy?

It also reflects a serious issue in that the essence of a person who is unconcerned about his body shape is to either give up self-management or never do it.

Even their own body is neglected, let alone the ability to be attentive to other things.

Of course, this is just my opinion; it does not imply that people will not achieve their goals.

By this understanding, I can only judge their motivation.

2. Behavior control

There are two types of behavior: rational and irrational.

I used to buy footballs in the hopes of winning the lottery, not realizing how unlikely that was.

It is simply taking money to drift unless there is a chance.

I was also drawn in by the advertisements and purchased some online courses; not to say that there isn't any use for them, but their main effect is psychological comfort.

The real effect can be produced or implemented personally, and then combined with the results to guide behavior.

Most of them can only provide an outline, and even more of the ingredients of blowing water, online. As a result, I rarely purchase classes anymore.

Unless the judgment is truly bad.

The majority of the preceding is irrational behavior.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and doing your best to maximize them rather than trying to compensate for them, is rational behavior.

Another point to consider is that self-awareness extends beyond their ability to do less or does not touch the part of their own ability to do things within the scope of their ability to do 100% certain.

This is a rare individual who comprehends.

3. control of speech

Words are an essential communication tool.

Eloquence does not apply here, nor does the stunt to demonstrate talent.

Rather, the simplest words with each other to communicate with each other, to save effort and time, but the effect is just as good!

For example, I communicate with lower-level employees but never play the role of an official. Instead, I arrange tasks using their most easily understood words, so they will be happy to work according to the plan.

Those ambiguous words do not convey the meaning of communication.

What I want is for the other party to understand, for us to understand each other, and for us to accept each other for a long time.

Of course, people who can talk, it's through the method of watching the face, but it's also better to make both sides cooperate or generate good feelings, so that everyone is as relaxed as a spring breeze.

There is, however, speech management, or the principle of discretion and understanding. Allow yourself to not take advantage of others, and do not allow others to do so.

It is all about mutual benefit, so that both parties are happy, which is the ultimate goal of speech management.

Listed above are a few of the topics we discussed today. The scope of self-management is relatively broad, with aspects such as learning management, goal management, and so on.

Self-management is the central responsibility of personal development; learn it; the goal is to enable us to live this life well.


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