Why Cleanroom Seating is essential for a lab

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For the various applications, there are numerous Cleanroom Seating available. Our entire selection of Cleanroom Seating
is well suited to their needs. We have evaluated and documented the appropriateness.

Numerous test series, as well as practical use, have demonstrated the Cleanroom Seating high quality, which includes minimum particle emission and reliable elimination of electrostatic charges.

A unique and very specialized seating collection for all of the laboratories or production areas in the life science sectors is the Cleanroom Seating. For specialized fields of use, the series also comprises laboratory stools and standing supports.

The rotating cleanroom stools with a spacious seat, gas-filled springs, and adjustable seat height adjustment, covered with fake leather that is partially conductive black. Five-foot pressure die-cast and polished aluminum stable foundation The model is also available with abrasion-resistant plastic sliders or for use on hard floor surfaces. conductive only in part.

All versions have a robust five-legged base with glides or an optional caster system, easy-to-use pneumatic seat height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, and fully adjustable backs with lumbar support. For maximum ergonomic benefit, models with the designation additionally include an adjustable seat and back tilt control.

Our plush waterfall front and curved backrest seats feature resilient high-density foam, long-lasting seamless vinyl upholstery, stainless steel staples, and a powerful filtration system as standard features. There are two base types: a five-star aluminum base with a brushed satin top or chrome-plated tubular steel with a welded 19" diameter foot ring.

We provide a wide range of cleanroom furniture, including chairs. Additionally, we offer lab stools, cleanroom ESD seats, harsh environment chairs, and ESD chairs. Models featuring an 18" diameter adjustable chrome foot-ring and a 10”-cylinder feature are available in aluminum. The brass drag chain, ESD glides, and conductive vinyl upholstery on models have surface resistivity.

The cleanroom seating comes with a warranty that covers material and workmanship flaws.

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