How Fortified Roofs Could Be the Answer to Rising Insurance Rates?

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Some types of building materials are tough to understand. Fortified roofs are one such innovation. With the recent surge in insurance rates, the popularity of fortified roofs has increased dramatically in the homebuilding industry. The homebuilding groups believe that fortified roofs could

For instance, hurricane Ida caused such large-scale destruction that people do not want to deal with another hurricane again in their lifetime. Even though the hurricane had severely damaged their roofs, people are finding it hard to get their roofs repaired even after one year after the storm, leaving people anxious and uncertain about the future of their properties. 

Though most homeowners are aware of the long waiting period they have to go through to get their roofs fixed, they were not ready to wait this long. As a result, they're getting nervous because another hurricane could be around the corner and their damaged roofs are not prepared to withstand it. For this reason, most homeowners have to make the necessary repairs on their own in an attempt to minimize any further storm damage.

That being said, in severely damaged homes where almost all the floors are ruined because of water intrusion, their homeowners have no other option but to fight for their insurance claim. In fact, a majority of homeowners are fighting with their insurance providers these days.

The cost of roofing materials has increased significantly in areas where the storms have caused widespread damage. The roofing costs have gone up by 50% -60% after the storm. This can be due to a combination of factors including high demand and low supply in these areas. 

Lumber costs had gone up to $1,600 per 1000 linear feet during the peak. Though it has reduced by approximately $500 since then, it is still much higher than before the pandemic.

Manufacturers said that it became really difficult to procure the raw materials. Electrical parts like panels and transformers are in extremely short supply. In other items such as cement, the increased transportation costs, because of drivers’ shortages, have driven the prices up to exorbitant levels.

And considering the severity of roofing damage, the recent hurricanes have caused throughout the country, steps are being taken to help homeowners and businesses get more studier roofs. This is where fortified roofs step in. 

Roofing companies have come up with innovative fortified roofs that are more resilient than ordinary roofs. So, they can provide more reliability to homeowners who are already dealing with high insurance prices.

Roofing companies have also roped in the Insurance departments of many states such as the Louisiana Department of Insurance to accelerate the work on fortified roofs. Another group known as Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) is also involved in the process. They provide third-party certifications for these roofs. This means, if you have the certificate that your roofing deck is properly sealed or fortified before the installation of shingles, then you can qualify for a discount on your insurance rates. 

However, in general, more labor is needed to install such fortified roofs. A training facility located in Kenner, known as the Build Strong academy, has been established specifically for this purpose. They have already trained over 30 students on fortified roofs and they are planning to train 450 more within a year. The best part is that it is a no-cost training course.

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