StoneX updates on OptionSellers matter

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StoneX updates on OptionSellers matter

StoneX updates on OptionSellers matter

StoneX Group Inc (NASDAQ:SNEX), the owner of retail FX brands and City Index, has published its Form 10-K annual report.To get more news about stonex review, you can visit official website.

The document provides information on litigation matters, including the OptionSellers matter.

In November 2018, balances in approximately 300 accounts of the FCM division of StoneX Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, StoneX Financial Inc., declined below required maintenance margin levels and into deficit balances, primarily as a result of significant price fluctuations in the natural gas markets. All positions in these accounts, an independent Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), were liquidated in accordance with StoneX Financial Inc.’s client agreements and obligations under market regulation standards.

OptionSellers,in its role as a CTA, had been granted by each of its clients full discretionary authority to manage the trading in the client accounts, while StoneX Financial Inc. acted solely as the clearing firm in its role as the FCM.

StoneX notes that the client agreements hold account owners liable for all losses in their accounts and obligate the account holders to reimburse StoneX Financial Inc. for any account deficits in their accounts.

As of September 30, 2022, the receivable from these client accounts, net of collections and other allowable deductions was $25.9 million, with no individual account receivable exceeding $1.4 million. As of September 30, 2022, the allowance against these uncollected balances was $7.6 million.

The Company is pursuing collection of the uncollected balances through arbitration proceedings against the account holders. The Company will consider developments in these proceedings, and any other relevant matters, in determining whether any changes in the allowance against the uncollected balances are required.

In these and other arbitration proceedings, clients are seeking damages from StoneX Financial Inc. relating to the trading losses in their accounts.

During the year ended September 30, 2022, StoneX resolved several of these arbitration claims through arbitration decisions and privately negotiated settlements. All of the arbitration panels that issued decisions during the year awarded StoneX Financial Inc. the full amount of the uncollected balances.

A portion of the panels also awarded relief to account holders. The amount of relief awarded was not material to StoneX, individually or in the aggregate.

As noted, several of the arbitrations were resolved through privately negotiated settlement, pursuant to which the account holders agreed to pay some or all of their outstanding deficit balances.

In October 2022, StoneX reached an additional privately negotiated settlement of an arbitration proceeding, pursuant to which the accounts holders agreed to pay all of their outstanding deficit balances and StoneX made certain immaterial payments to the account holders.

The company says it intends to continue vigorously pursuing claims through arbitration and settling cases in what it determines to be appropriate circumstances. The ultimate outcome of remaining arbitrations cannot presently be determined.