Dominion Markets Detailed Review

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Dominion Markets Detailed ReviewDominion Markets Detailed Review

Dominion Markets Detailed Review

Dominion Markets wants you to believe you’re trading with a safe and reliable broker that holds your funds in segregated accounts. Seeing their website gives you a feeling of utmost safety and privacy. However, not everything is as it seems to be.To get more news about dominion markets review, you can visit official website.

Dominion Markets is an online trading brokerage owned by the same-named company – Dominion Markets LLC from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The brand was established in 2020, along with many others. Why? Assumingly, brokers used the fact the world was facing a global pandemic and people were looking for an additional source of income. As SVG doesn’t have an official regulator, rather just an FSA register, so it was fertile to start a fraudulent business.

Have you ever tried to get money back from someone who clearly just came to scam you? If so, remember how you had to chase him and beg, as if it’s something that doesn’t belong to you.

According to Dominion Markets reviews, clients of this brokerage feel the same. As if they are trying to get something that is not theirs. Despite them being the ones who invest and make a profit, getting a payout is nearly impossible. The broker refuses to process withdrawal requests and delays clients until it suspends all of the accounts. Once your account is suspended, you’re losing every track of your funds.
As mentioned, clients are severely hit by withdrawal issues. Besides, there are many complaints regarding deposit methods since it appears that Dominion Markets brokerage only allows deposits via cryptocurrencies. Once clients try to reverse the transaction, the process is way more complicated than when depositing using your debit/credit card.

Every online trading scam looks similar. Everything starts from an advertisement about future life and luxury. From there, you’re being persuaded to make an initial deposit. In the case of Dominion Markets, it’s $100, which you think you can afford to lose. However, the broker’s constant pressure to invest more and more until you have nothing left is something you cannot afford. And the goal of offshore scammers is precisely that. To leave you with nothing and disappear.

Scammed by Dominion Markets?
If you were scammed by Dominion Markets or a similar scheme, let us know. We’re dealing with such frauds for years, and there is a legit way to get your money back – a chargeback.

But what is a chargeback?

Once you have been scammed, you’re entitled to get your money back. For that, you need to undergo certain procedures and file sufficient evidence. Contact our support team via online chat to tell us your story. Our experts will help you file a dispute and fight for your money!