Correct Use Of Pex Cold Expansion Fittings

The service life of PEX Expansion Fittings is mainly the service life of the buried pipe, because the above-ground part can be replaced, and the floor heating tube is the key to the service life.

   The service life of PEX Expansion Fittings is mainly the service life of the buried pipe, because the above-ground part can be replaced, and the floor heating tube is the key to the service life. The design service life is 50 years. No matter how good it is, it is also theoretical knowledge. Pay attention to the inlet water temperature during the use of floor heating, and try to avoid long-term high temperature. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn to use floor heating correctly!

The pipes currently used in floor heating systems are generally plastic aluminum pipes, PE-RT (high temperature resistant polyethylene pipes), PEX (a, b, c) (cross-linked polyethylene pipes), Pb (polybutene pipes) pipes, etc., Among them, PE-X pipes are divided into peroxide cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PE-Xa), silane cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PE-Xb), electron beam cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PE-Xc) and Azo cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PE-Xd).

The use of PE-RT is below 65 degrees, and the working pressure does not exceed 0.4Mpa. The working conditions (pressure resistance and high temperature resistance) of PE-X and Pb pipes are better than PE-RT, and the long-term working temperature can be 95 degrees to zero Within 70 degrees. However, Pb pipes are more expensive and have fewer applications in the solid market. PEX is widely used at home and abroad because of its stable performance and moderate price. Peroxide cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PE-Xa) is not widely used due to excessive oxygen permeability. PE-Xb is the earliest, most widely used and most mature floor heating pipe in floor heating system. Among them, the market share of pe-xb is the best. The production of floor heating pipes meets the standards, but silane crosslinking is banned in Europe in 2004 because of the toxic crosslinking agent silane. Currently, it is gradually fading out of the floor heating pipe market. Azo crosslinking (PE-Xd) is in an experimental state, and its application prospects are still unclear. Electron beam crosslinking (PE-Xc) is the use of physical methods to change the molecular structure, healthy and environmentally friendly pipes, safe, environmentally friendly, and healthy, designed and used within the scope of normal product standards, and the actual life span is more than 50 years. It is currently the most environmentally friendly Floor heating pipes.

  It can be considered that the floor heating system is basically equivalent to the life of the building.

  The life of water floor heating depends on the pipe material

Water and floor heating is a hidden project, and the pipes of the water and floor heating system circulate hot water at 60 degrees Celsius. This means that when these pipes burst due to quality problems during use, the ground of the building will also be damaged. , The loss is very large, so the heating pipe used for water floor heating is more demanding than the plastic pipe used in ordinary construction. The water floor heating system must strictly select the type, quality, manufacturing process and quality of the pipeline. Only in this way can the water and floor heating have a life span of 50 years or more.

   Water floor heating pipe selection

   1. Pay attention to the thickness and compressive strength of the main bar wall of the manifold;

   Second, pay attention to whether the content of copper in the copper material meets the relevant national standards;

   Third, pay attention to the material (copper, iron or plastic) of the valve core in the valve connected to the main bar;

   Fourth, pay attention to its anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties.

   The North-South Difference in the Choice of Water Floor Heating Pipe

In the south, the floor heating system is a system that is easy to control the water temperature. The operating pressure is low, and there will be no harsh use environments such as high pressure and high temperature. Therefore, there are no special requirements for the pressure resistance of pipes. Almost all pipes are Can apply;

  In the north, the operating pressure of the system is relatively high, the temperature of the water supply is difficult to control, and the requirements for the end of the heat dissipation are high. In addition to the choice of low thermal resistance and good heat conduction, it is necessary to choose a pipe with a stronger pressure bearing capacity. Hewei heating pipes have a 50-year warranty for your exclusive heating pipes, which is equivalent to the life of the building. Choosing the right PEX Cold Expansion Fittings supplier to use floor heating reasonably will help your life.