Top Pre Wedding-Locations by Professional Photographers in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is a city full of traditional and historical places and monuments.

Hyderabad is a city full of traditional and historical places and monuments. There are numerous places in Hyderabad which you can consider for your pre-wedding shoot. It is the perfect pretense of some romance before the wedding. Some shots with your partner will be quite fun and a perfect memory for the future. Here below are some places that you can consider for your pre-wedding shoot. 



  • Ramoji Film City 


Forte: For adventure lovers 

Who can choose: Consider this film city for your pre-wedding shoot which is widely popular at National and the international level. This film city has numerous shoot locations and gardens. If you love films and are interested and have a keen interest in entertainment then this place is for you. 



  • Chowmahalla Palace 


Forte: For Royal Place Lovers 

Who can choose: this place itself shows the royalty which immensely and manifests infrastructure. Consider this place if you are looking for some royalty and cultural pre-wedding shoots. 



  • Hidden Castle 


Forte: For couples who want to add some English touch 

Who can choose: As its name shows it is a castle-based theme restaurant. This place is best for hanging out with an amazing arrangement. You can definitely consider this place for a pre-wedding shoot for its amazing arrangements and corridors. This place is allowed only 6 and 12 hours for the shoot. You can also get some discounts on booking this place. 



  • Taj Falaknuma Palace 


Forte: For couples who want to add some historical and royal touch 

Who can choose: This place was built by one of the prime ministers of Hyderabad and now it is a luxury hotel and one of the famous tourist hotspots of Hyderabad. You have to tell the wedding Photographers in Hyderabad in advance for the pre-wedding shoot here, you have to enquire and book in advance. Here you will witness the elegant architecture and this place is perfect for a romantic photoshoot. 



  • Lumbini Park 


Forte: Couple who love locations 

Who can choose: This park is an attraction for tourists due to its location which is located in the center of the city. There are also well-known places connected to by locations. This is also an affordable location for the pre-wedding shoot. 


You can choose any of the above locations for your pre-wedding shoots of yours by photographers in Hyderabad