Classification Of Different Enameled Aluminum Wire

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The classification of ordinary enameled aluminum wire is as follows

The classification of ordinary enameled aluminum wire is as follows:

Polyurethane enameled wire: heat-resistant grade 130,155,180,200. The biggest feature is high linear welding resistance and good high frequency performance. And it's easy to color. It also has good moisture resistance and is widely used for mechanical strength of electronic appliances and precision instruments, telecommunications, and instrumentation. The disadvantages are low heat resistance, poor production flexibility and poor adhesion of large-size wires, so the product specifications are always midline or thin.

Polyesterimide/polyamide enameled wire: heat-resistant grade 180. The product has high impact resistance, high temperature softening and breakdown, good mechanical strength, solvent resistance and refrigerant performance. The disadvantage is that it is easy to hydrolyze in a closed state, and it is widely used in high heat-resistant electrical, electronic, instrumentation, power tools and other power dry pressure windings.

Polyesterimide/polyamideimide enameled wire is now more widely used worldwide. The heat resistance rating is 200. The product has high heat resistance, antifreeze, cold resistance, excellent radiation resistance, high mechanical strength, electrical performance and stability, good chemical resistance, refrigerant resistance and strong overload capacity . This Round Enameled Aluminum Wire is widely used in future refrigerator compressors, air-conditioning compressors, electric tools, explosion-proof motors, and electrical and electronic products used under heat, cold, radiation resistance, and overload conditions.