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Living in Winnipeg is a great enjoyment. This community is suitable for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Living in Winnipeg is a great enjoyment. This community is suitable for people of all ages and lifestyles. This area is noisy, active when the day begins, but it becomes very quiet when the evening comes. Thus, it is a perfect place for everybody. To find your ideal home, you should just contact this team and they will bring the freshest listings.  

Homes in River Heights 

One of many interesting places to live is River Heights. This residential neighbourhood is located in the Center of Winnipeg. It has up to 6000 homes and is approximately 6 kilometers to Winnipeg's downtown core. Thanks to the fact that is near to downtown, many people want to live in this neighbourhood. Both professionals and working families aim to live here and now you are just a click away from finding a home that suits your needs.  

Some facts about River Heights: 

  • River Heights is home to some of the oldest residential real estate in all of Winnipeg.  
  • Home prices in the area begin around $250,000. 
  • River Heights has a large number of schools offering a variety of different programs.  
  • River Heights is also surrounded by all major grocery chains including Superstore, Walmart, Save-On Foods, Safeway, Costco and Co-Op. 
  • There are many entertainment areas like The Corydon Community Centre, Taylor Tennis Club. 

Homes for Sale in River Heights include a number of condominium options within the area ranging from: 

  • apartment-style layouts 
  • walk-ups 
  • attached-style bungalows  
  • townhomes 

If you want to live in a nice location full of many beautiful places, River Heights is an ideal choice.  Choose one of the Homes for Sale in River Heights and raise your family! 

Condos for Sale 

If you are also searching for Condos for Sale South Winnipeg you can again get help from The Jennifer Queen Team. It can be hard to find a condo alone, especially when you don’t know the area well. So getting help from skilled realtors can be a wise decision. They offer several Condos for Sale South Winnipeg and make sure your requirements are covered from beginning to end.  

A condominium or condo is like a hybrid between an apartment and a house. If you are looking for similar aspects of apartment living then you can get it if you buy a condo. Here are a few reasons why condos are perfect choices:  

  • Location 

Most condominiums offered by The Jennifer Queen Team are located in the best spots in Winnipeg. Of course, owning a condo in the centre of Winnipeg can be more expensive than purchasing a condo in other areas of Winnipeg.  

  • Luxury 

Owning a condo offers lots of luxurious perks. The realtors offer such condos that designed to be chic and luxurious. They find some of the best choices so that you will live in an elegant condo you have been dreaming of.   

  • Low Maintenance 

People choose condos because of its minimal upkeep. With condos, residents don’t have to worry about things like replacing lights in the corridors, mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool. The costs of maintenance of the building are always covered, so all you need to maintain your own living space 

Whether you prefer condos or you are just looking a house in River Heights, let The Jennifer Queen Team help you find the most suitable option!