CarX Drift Racing has been along for some time now

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CarX Drift Racing has been along for some time now

CarX Drift Racing With so many racing games available on Xbox One from the hardcore racers like Project CARS 3 to the arcade-y Hotshot Racing – and everything in-between – there’s something for everyone. Drift-focused experiences are a rare sight though which is why wannabe Drift Kings will be excited to see CarX Drift Racing Online emerge onto the digital store.CarX Drift Racing Online is marketed as the ‘most wanted drift game ever’ and that’s possibly because it possesses realistic driving physics detailed customisation and the ability to tune each type of car – Stock Turbo Racing Drift and Ultimate.

CarX Drift Racing has been along for some time now and the fact that it’s still trending may be the most eloquent argument regarding its success. But before telling you what we love about it let’s go through a short description of this game. You have a car. You have winding asphalt stretches. You have to keep the car sliding for as long as possible as wide as possible. And that’s about it. The game’s simplicity is one of its important perks. In a world where the in-app purchases are making the worst out of a game CarX Drift Racing puts you at work and teaches you that not everything is for sale.And if you want to buy CarX Drift Racing Online , visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

As a drifting game CarX Drift Racing Online is without doubt the best I’ve played on the Xbox and the feel of the cars is absolutely bang on. Each needs a different technique to get the best out of it whether it be taking a Hachi Roku and absolutely wringing its neck to get it to drift valves bouncing off the bonnet or whether it be the Hornet with a big lazy V8 utilising the torque to keep the drift going. It is fantastic fun and the feeling when you manage to drift a whole track without the front wheels ever being in line with the rears is a fantastic feeling.