Edwardian-Style Diamond Rings for The Unconventional Bride

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For brides that are looking for engagement rings in Elkhart, IN that are soulful, vintage-inspired, and unconventional, Edwardian-style rings are the ideal choice. These pieces are one-of-a-kind and well-known for their intricate and ornate designs.


Each piece is set with detailed work, and filigree edging, and offers a unique appeal no matter the design or style.


Just keep in mind that only a handful of jewelers that deal in heirloom and vintage jewelry will keep these pieces and so you will need to do your research and look for trusted and reliable professionals to purchase these rings from.


Reasons to love Edwardian diamond rings

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer Edwardian custom jewelry in Elkhart, IN is that these rings offer a sentimental and unique appeal that easily stands out in any room.


Since most metals used at that time were platinum or silver, these are quite popular however you can opt for yellow gold or rose gold. Most jewelers will advise you to choose gemstones like old European diamonds or even rough-cut diamonds that will perfectly suit your piece.


Most of these pieces were set with ornate details, intricate designs, and lace edging and so this makes it ideal for brides looking for something unique and extravagant.


If you are looking for something simple and minimal, these rings might not be the ideal choice for you as they often feature flowery aesthetics and lace detailing along with being highly detailed and designed.


Make sure that you head to a professional jewelry repair in South Bend, IN that can offer you a range of high-end pieces at an affordable cost. While these pieces are quite affordable it all depends on the type of metal and designs you choose.


Always ask your jeweler to insure and appraise the piece for you before you invest in it so that it’s safe and secure for a long time.


Final Verdict

Caring for your piece is very essential and if taken care of properly your ring can easily be passed down as an heirloom piece to future generations for years to come.


Make sure that you store your ring safely away before you clean, cook, garden, swim, shower, or head out for any activities as rough handling can cause your piece to chip and crack and it can be tough to repair.