Unforgettable Salt & Pepper Diamond Rings We Love

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Most brides feel that only flashy and white diamonds in Elkhart, IN are valuable and classy, however, this isn’t the case. Salt and pepper diamonds are unique, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect making them the ideal choice for alternative brides.


Even though these diamonds have been around for years, they are quickly making a comeback and are highly sought-after and valued.


Reasons to love salt and pepper diamonds

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer salt and pepper custom jewelry in South Bend, IN is that these diamonds offer a lot more character and personality than white diamonds, making them easily stand out.


Salt and pepper diamonds are still diamonds and have the value, rarity, and durability that come with a diamond. However, they are much more affordable because they are often considered imperfect and discarded during the gemstone sorting process.


Since these diamonds require fewer resources to mine than white diamonds, they are ethical and great for eco-conscious brides.


While the 4Cs of diamond evaluation are used for these diamonds, their peppery shade makes them tough to grade owing to their huge number of carbon inclusions.


Your local jewelry repair in Elkhart, IN will tell you that salt and pepper diamonds feature beautiful flaws and inclusions that need to be highlighted. You can show off the beauty of your gemstone with a rose or radiant cut.


Settings like a prong or solitaire work well as the band is simple and minimal and allows the beauty of your diamond to stand out and shine. Some brides even choose to set their salt and pepper center stone with smaller white side diamonds or sapphire accents for added shine and shimmer.


These diamonds will offer you a subdued glow rather than a bright shine making it ideal for daily wear as being versatile it will perfectly fit in with a range of gemstones, metals, cuts, and styles to suit your needs.


End Note

Even though these diamonds are deemed low-quality they are still diamonds making them valuable and ideal for daily wear.


You can take your gemstone to a professional to clean, repair and maintain it every couple of months so that it looks new and shiny for years to come. Your jeweler will polish the stone, tighten the setting, and buff the metal band so that it’s in good condition.