MMOexp FIFA 23: Best Players From Serie A To Sign In Career Mode

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9 Hector Moreno
Hector Moreno is a Mexican center-back and a solid player who can strengthen any back line if brought into a small team and FIFA 23 Coins can do a job off the bench for the bigger teams.

At the start of MMOexp FIFA 23, Hector Moreno is 34 and has an overall rating of 77, the same as his potential. Moreno has solid defensive stats to keep any pesky opponents at bay. With his 6 1 height, 82 heading, 72 jumping, and 72 strength, he also provides an extra goal-scoring option during set pieces like corner kicks.

8 Matthew Garbett
Matthew Garbett is a versatile midfielder from New Zealand who provides a solid option at multiple positions in the middle of the pitch, including central attacking midfield and central midfield.

Most of the players you will find in the midfield are usually past their prime and can only provide you with, at most, two to three years of quality football. Matthew Garbett is different at 20 years of age in MMOexp FIFA 23. He has an overall rating of 66 and a potential of 78 that he can surpass with the help of dynamic potential. Garbett is an excellent acquisition that will strengthen your squad depth and could grow into a solid first-team player for your team, and he completely free.

7 Alan Sontilde;ora
Alan Sontilde;ora is another eye-catching young prospect who somehow starts MMOexp FIFA 23 as a free agent. He is a 23-year-old American midfielder who can be deployed in almost cheap FUT 23 Coins any position in the middle of the pitch and fit into any formation.