Why Landlords Lock Replacement Services 

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It’s also helpful to have the same brand of lock on every door so they can all be rekeyed to one key. This will save time and money.

Landlords change locks for many reasons. Whether roommates move out, breakups occur or break-ins happen, it is essential to enforce habitability and security for tenants.

It’s also helpful to have the same brand of lock on every door so they can all be rekeyed to one key. This will save time and money.


When Lock Replacement Services, you are swapping out the existing hardware and installing a new lock. It is a simple DIY project and one of the safest ways to increase security at home.

Most professional locksmiths recommend changing your locks every 7 years. However, certain circumstances may require you to change them sooner.

For example, if you have recently moved into a new house or apartment, it’s a good idea to change the locks right away. This will ensure that the previous owners have not given anyone else a copy of their key.

If you’re a landlord, you should also change the locks after evicting tenants. This is for your own safety as well as that of your other tenants. In addition, you never know if the ex-tenant may still have a copy of the key somewhere. You can find a variety of different lock options at your local hardware store or big box store. When buying a new lock, make sure to buy a kit that includes all of the pieces necessary for installation. This will ensure that the new lock will fit correctly into the existing hole in your door.


When you want to bolster your home’s security without replacing the lock hardware, rekeying may be the answer. It’s a cost-effective solution to ensure that previous key holders no longer have access, and it’s especially helpful for people who have recently moved into a new home.

Rekeying involves changing the pins inside an existing lock so it will work with a different key. It’s a less expensive option than replacing the entire lock, and it’s easy for professional locksmiths to do. It’s also a good option for renters who can’t replace their locks, as well as homeowners who would like to keep their original hardware and maintain a consistent aesthetic.

Rekeying isn’t a good idea for everyone, though. It’s not a secure enough solution to keep people out, and it’s not an option for people who have lost their keys or need to change locks because of a break-in. You should always consult a professional locksmith if you’re concerned about your home’s security.


Locks that are worn out become more susceptible to picking and breaking, which is why it is important to change them as soon as you notice that they’re not working properly. This prevents any old keys from being used to gain entry and keeps your home safe.

You should also consider replacing locks if you’ve experienced a break-in or intruder attempt. This may be a good sign that your locks weren’t protecting you well and that they should be replaced with stronger, more efficient ones.

Replacing a lock involves removing the existing hardware and installing a new lock. This can be done by a professional locksmith or as a DIY project. Regardless of who is doing it, it’s important to take the proper measurements to ensure that the new lock fits into the existing holes in the door. Most store-bought locks come with a cardboard template that you can use to make sure everything lines up correctly.


There are some DIY projects that you should not attempt on your own, and changing locks is one of them. Whether you need to change your lock due to moving into a new home or to update your security, a professional locksmith can help.

Before starting your project, take inventory of all the locks you need to replace or Safes rekey service. Then, purchase a replacement lock for each door. If possible, purchase a lock that is the same brand as the one you are replacing. This will ensure that the new lock fits in place correctly.

You may also want to add a strike plate to your door frame, which will reinforce the locking mechanisms and make it more difficult for someone to kick in the lock or pull the latch back. A strike plate can be bought at most hardware stores. Some manufacturers, such as Kwikset, offer heavy-duty strikes plates that are designed to withstand kick-ins.