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KOLKATA, Bengali KALIKATA, formerly CALCUTTA, city that is the capital of West Bengal state, and former the capital (between) of British India. It is one of India's largest cities, and one of its major ports. The city is centred on the eastern banks of Hugli (Hooghly) River, once the main channel of the Ganges (Ganga) River, around a few miles ( km) away from the mouth of the Bay of Bengal; there the port was created to be a place of transshipment from water to land and also from sea to land. A city for commerce as well as transport and manufacture, Kolkata is the dominant city in the eastern region of India. The city's previous name, Calcutta, is an Anglicized version of the Bengali name Kalikata. Some believe that Kalikata is an abbreviation of it being derived from the Bengali word Kalikshetra meaning "Ground of (the goddess) Kali." Some believe that the city's name is derived from the place of the city's first settlement, which was on the banks of the canal (_khal_). A third opinion traces it to the Bengali phrases for lime (calcium oxide; _kali_) and burned shell (_kata_) as the area was famous for its production of shell lime. The city to Kolkata. Area city in square miles ( square km); urban agglom. Square miles ( square km). Pop. ()  Pop. () urban agglom. It is,. CHARACTER OF THE CITY Kolkata: Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata: Victoria Memorial Hall Fashioned through the Colonial British with the style of the grandeur of a European capital--but now located in one of the poorest and most populated regions in India, Kolkata has evolved into an urban area that is full of stark distinctions, and contradictions. Kolkata has had to adapt powerful European influences and overcome the limits of its colonial heritage to discover its own unique character. Through this process, it has created an amalgam from East and West that was manifested through the writings and lives of the 20th century Bengali elite and its most notable figure the poet and mystic Rabindranath Tagore. This vibrant and large Indian city flourishes in the midst of seemingly insurmountable economic, social, as well as political issues. The city's inhabitants exhibit a dazzling joy of living that is evident in a love for art and culture as well as an elevated level of intellectual vigor and political awareness. Crowds throng to Kolkata's book fairs, art shows or concerts and there is the exchange of heated debates in the form of posters, which has resulted in Kolkata being dubbed"The City of Posters. "city of posters." A woman with a colorful feather headdress and costume, in an Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro. Rio Carnival. Brazil Carnival. Britannica Quiz World Cities Yet for all Kolkata's vibrancy however, the majority of Kolkata's inhabitants live in the worst conditions and are removed from the cultural milieu. Kolkata's energy is able to penetrate even the most deprived areas since a substantial number of Kolkatans truly support the efforts of those who offer assistance to the poor. In the end, Kolkata remains an enigma to a lot of Indians as well as to foreigners. It continues to enigmatize newcomers and to arouse an abiding nostalgia among those who have lived there for many years. LANDSCAPE CITY SITEThe location of the city is thought to have been originally selected partly because of its easy to defend area and its favorable location for trading. The low, swampy, hot, and humid riverbank is little to recommend it. The highest elevation of the river is around feet ( meters) higher than sea levels. From the east, the terrain slops down to swamps and marshes. Similar topography in the western bank has limited the metropolitan area to a strip of up to miles ( to kilometers) wide on either side of the river. Reclamation on areas like the Salt Lake area on the eastern edge of the city, demonstrated that the urban expansion can be achieved, and subsequent reclamation projects have been planned to the east, south and west of the central region. Buy a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Suburbs that are subscribed to Kolkata comprise Haora (Howrah) along the West Bank, Baranagar towards the north South Dum Dum to the northeast, Behala to the south, along with Garden Reach in the southwest. The whole complex of urban areas is held together by close socioeconomic bonds. CLIMATE Kolkata has a subtropical climate, with a regular cycle of monsoons (rain-bearing winds). The climate is mild all year long, with high temperatures ranging between degrees Fahrenheit ( degrees Celsius) in January and December and up to nearly in the range of ( the temperature of degC) in April and May. Annually, the mean rainfall is around inches (, millimeters). It is usually observed from June to September, the time of the monsoon. These months are very humid and often sultry. Through October and November the rain drops. The winter months, from around the end of November to February's close is pleasant and dry; fogs and mists occasionally cause visibility to be reduced in the morning hours at this season along with heavy smog clouds in the evenings. The pollution of the atmosphere has significantly increased since the early days of the. Factories, motor vehicles, and thermal-generating stations, which burn coal, are major contributors to this pollution. But monsoon wind can act as cleansing agents by providing fresh air masses and also helping to remove polluted water.

 ABOUT KOLKATA It is known as "City of Joy", KOLKATA is one of the biggest metropolises in the world. In addition to being the capital of West Bengal, it is also the main commercial, cultural, and educational central point of East India. The city is located on the banks the Hooghly, Kolkata came into its prominence during British time when it was established as a powerhouse. About Kolkata Traditions of the local community that have been established in art, literature theatre, film, and drama theatre of Kolkata have gained wide audiences. Tourist and religious destinations like KALIGHAT Temple, the DAKSHINESHWAR, VICTORIA MEMORIAL, Birla Planetarium can be found in this eastern region of India. KOLKATA History: Past and Present History of KOLKATA is connected to the development of the English East India Company. Its emergence can be attributed to the establishment of English East India Company. The city, which was developed across three village Kalikata, Gobindapur, and Sutanuti remained an important capital for the British Indian Empire until when the capital moved to Delhi. Kolkata was a major center of the th century and early th-century Bengal Renaissance which begun with Raja Ram Mohan Roy and continued until the demise of Rabindranath Tagore. Bengal Renaissance significantly contributed to the abolition of Sati the polygamist, infanticide and child marriage, Dowry, untouchability etc. Additionally, it led to the creation of the prestigious Presidency College, Kolkata (now known as Presidency University, Kolkata). KOLKATA ALSO CONTRIBUTED A LOT IN THE FREEDOM STRUGGLE. Kolkata was a hotspot for radical activities and was the scene of a mass protests at the time of Partition Bengal in . Sri Aurobindo Ghosh Rash Behari Bose, Subhas Chandra, Jatindra Nath Das are some of the well-known freedom fighters who hail from Kolkata. History og Kolkata Following Indian independence, Kolkata saw rapid urbanization in every area of life. It became the first capital city of India to start a metro trains in  the year 1899, which was followed by Delhi in . Shobhabazar, Shyambazar, Cossipore, Chitpur, Baranagar, Sinthee and Dum Dum are just a few of the most densely populated regions of Kolkata. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation ( KMC) with jurisdiction over Kolkata also includes portions of the following districts: North Parganas, South Parganas, Howrah, Hooghly and Nadia. GEOGRAPHY and CLIMATE OF KOLKATA Climate of Kolkata It is located at the western bank of Hooghly River, Kolkata has a tropical wet-and-dry CLIMATE. Annual temperatures average about o F. (o C). The annual rainfall averages around inches (, millimeters). The city is awash in summer from March to June that is marked by hot and humid climate. The winter season holds the city in check from November until February when temperatures could fluctuate between - degC. At Howrah located in the suburbs of Kolkata you can discover a variety of factories that manufacture jute. Chemicals, Shipbuilding, Textiles are other major industries of the region. KOLKATA Arts and Culture, also known as "Cultural Capital of India", Kolkata is the birthplace of modern Indian art and literature. It was the epicenter of Bengal Renaissance and made rapid progress in the area of ART AND CULTURE. Famous writers such as Rabindranath Tagore, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Kazi Nazrul Islam Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Michael Madhusudan Dutt are all associated with the city. Many Social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Vivekananda and others have also contributed in the development of Kolkata. Colors are a part of the life. Rabindrasangeet is very popular in Kolkata. Kirtans and Gajan festival music are famous music from Bengal. Other popular Folk Music of Kolkata includes Baul , Bhatiali and Majlishi. Theatres for groups in Kolkata are extremely well-known. Kolkata is also the home of directors Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Aparna Sen, Tapan Sinha, Rituparno Ghosh and many other stars of the Bengali cinema industry dubbed "Tollywood" for Tollygunj. Jatra, a traditional of folk drama of Bengal is very popular in Kolkata. Kalighat painting owes its origin to Kolkata and is reflected in its design and style. The painting has a wide range of themes that include mythology as well as quotidian life. Kolkata holds the distinction of being the home of famous artists, such as Jamini Roy Abanindranath Tagore as well as Nandalal Bose. FESTIVALS CELEBRATED IN KOLKATA Festivals Celebrated on Kolkata Durga Puja celebrated with the frenzied and joyful is Kolkata's biggest festival. The period witnesses the influx of tourists and visitors from across the globe. Kol Poila Boishak or the Bengali New Year, and Poush Parbonbthe harvest festival are both significant . Others such as Jagaddhatri Puja, Diwali and Saraswati puja Eid, Holi, Christmas, as well as Rath Yatra are all an integral part of Kolkata the cultural scene. Being a nexus of ideas, theories, it also hosts a range of festivals like Nandikar's National Theatre Festival, Dover Lane Music Festival, Kolkata Book Fair and the KOLKATA Film FESTIVAL. Attractions to see in KOLKATA A well-known tourist spot within the city are Maidan, Victoria Memorial, Botanical Gardens, AQUATICA WATER PARK Science City, Birla Planetarium and many others. Howrah Bridge, the world famous cantilever bridge, which spans the Hooghly River is one of some of the most visited bridges in world. Popular Pilgrimage destination includes Kalighat Kali Temple, Dakshineshwar Temple, Belur Math, Tipu Sultan Shahi Mosque, Saint Pauls Cathedral etc. Shopping in KOLKATA SHOPPING IN KOLKATA can be quite fruitful with many interesting shopping avenues. The capital of West Bengal has a lot to offer shoppers searching for traditional and ethnic clothing. There are many malls and markets selling a variety of treasures to select from. One can buy gorgeous silk and cotton sarees here. Apart from clothes, you can also purchase inexpensive electronic devices, watches, and other essential items. Kolkata travel guide The great thing is that many of the markets are divided on the availability of any particular item or product, making it easy for visitors looking for any particular item or product. In contrast, Gariahat and Shyambazar are famous for handicrafts and saris as well as terracotta items, Air Conditioned Market at Shakespeare Sarani is famous for its Electronic watches, household, and other products. If you are looking for top quality and authentic jewellery, go to Bowbazar Market at B B Ganguly Street. Forum Mall and Emami Shoppers' City are a few of the very popular shopping locations of that draw visitors and tourists from all over the world and across the country. TRANSPORTATION IN KOLKATA Contrary to other metros, Kolkata has a well constructed modern TRANSPORTATION system. The buses, Kolkata Suburban Railway, the Kolkata Metro, trams, taxis, and trams are all major modes of transportation in the city. The bus terminal at Esplanade, Karunamoyee, and Babughat connects to different areas that make up the downtown. The bus stops are in Park Circus, Sealdah Railway Station and Howrah. Transportation in Kolkata Trams also contribute in making life simple and comfortable for everyday commuters. It is affordable and inexpensive, which is ideal for shorter distances. Hire Yellow colored taxi to airport hauling or for reaching the destination on time. KOLKATA METRO RAIL that connects city with Dum Dum train station (north) to Tollygunge (south) is definitely one of the safest methods of travel in Kolkata.

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