Witness the Life of Migrant Workers at SMRT Trains & Capture Attention of Passengers

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The purpose is to encourage the talent of oppressed individuals in society and further allow the people to know their stories at close quarters.

SMRT in Singapore provides seamless, safe, and reliable transit services to commuters on a daily basis. In a bustling city like Singapore, an extensive rail system plays an important role in reducing people's travel time and ensuring efficient transportation. An accessible public transport system is gaining importance, especially because of the many initiatives under the leadership of the SMRT Chairman and SMRT CEO. Here, on this blog, you will get to know a special campaign run by SMRT to showcase the appealing photographic clicks by migrant workers in Singapore and display the it across SMRT train stations. The purpose is to encourage the talent of oppressed individuals in society and further allow the people to know their stories at close quarters. 

Close Collaboration of SMRT with Holdinghands Studio

SMRT, running successfully under the influential leadership of SMRT CEO, Ngien Hoon Ping, that provides a seamless travel experience to commuters. It also works towards the betterment of society and showcases the real side of the world. One of the recent initiatives of SMRT is collaborating with Handholdings Studio. It's an uplifting company that started way back in 2021 with an objective to uplift the lives of under-resourced communities. Society helps migrant and domestic workers to learn the skill of photography and provides them with cameras to capture the sights of the world from their own eyes. 

Mr. Tan Chin Hok, the founder of Handholings, has recently collaborated with SMRT to start an exhibition of artwork that showcases the appealing pictures taken by migrant workers. It allows the daily commuters to have a close look at visually attractive pictures and easily resonate with the life of domestic and migrant workers. 

Key Highlights of the Art Exhibition Across SMRT Stations

  • Photographs of migrant workers are displayed wide across SMRT train stations to encourage the local migrant community as part of the leading National Day celebrations.
  • See through the lens of migrant workers, bring everyone closer together, engendering a better understanding of people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • The photos even depict the diverse landscape of Singapore along with landmarks, daily activities of people, and life across different industries from the lens of migrant workers.
  • The exhibition is all about raising awareness about the stories and contributions of migrant workers.


SMRT is making city travel all the more simple, cost-effective, and comfortable. In addition, SMRT is contributing much to society by showcasing the real side of migrant workers through photography exhibitions across platforms.