Look Into the Critical Condition Of Our Environment

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The United Nations reports an unprecedented decline in biodiversity. Extinction rates amongst various species are accelerating at an alarming rate.

In light of the current environmental conditions, environmental science has become a primary focus of educational systems worldwide. EVS is a compulsory subject in school and college curriculums around the world. However, many students do not pay much heed to the issue and seek EVS assignment help without a second thought.

Though it is heartening to see authorities take steps to educate young minds, students need to take some initiative themselves. This write-up presents some facts about the global ecosystem that can help one understand the crucial role it plays.

Everything Relies On Everything Else

You will notice a common theme in your EVS books and even cheap essay writing services. Living things help each other survive; we all share a symbiotic relationship with every other living thing. The whole ecosystem and its native biodiversity depend on the life actions of the plants and animals that comprise it. And, the human community is just another cog in that system.

As the global climate becomes more and more unpredictable and pollution continues unchecked, humanity stands on the edge of significant crisis. The disruptive activities of the society are slowly but surely damaging our ecosystem. Wanton destruction of bio-diverse environments due to deforestation, pollution, and resource drainage drastically harm the global environment. It’s high time we start realising our ecosystem's delicate nature and the critical role it plays.

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The Alarming Status Of Our Ecosystem

The United Nations reports an unprecedented decline in biodiversity. Extinction rates amongst various species are accelerating at an alarming rate.

Environmental pollution is a primary cause of concern today. No matter how many time the people in power try to deny it and pass it under the rug, nature strikes back with a tight slap on the face. Non-governmental organisations around the world try to reveal the harsh, hidden reality.

Yet, major world organisations like the UN and reputed agencies such as the National Geographic Society publish reports that deliver routine environmental degradation reports.

  • Several species of animal face extinction and are on the greatly endangered list. These include the orang-utan, various insect species, rhinoceros, tigers, and several exotic birds species.
  • Millions of hectares of forest cover being removed every year. The destructive Amazon forest fire of 2019 was a horrifying act of crime against nature.

 The Australian bushfires occurred in the same year, which destroyed vast acres of forests and killed millions of animals. Humans are indirectly responsible for such death and destruction since the wildfire was a consequence of global warming.

  • Our oceans are a significant dumping ground for plastics and other harmful non-biodegradable materials. Reports show that numerous aquatic animals such as fishes, dolphins, turtles, etc. consume plastics. This way, micro-plastics make its way into our food chain. In a sense, we are consuming the very plastics that we dump.
  • The quantity of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere is already overtaxing the planet's carbon cycle system. Add the destruction of forest fires, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. If drastic climate changes occur, many plants and animals will go extinct, and humanity might follow suit.

That wraps up this article. Take EVS seriously, study hard. That way, you will not need any help with paraphrasing tool and make the world a better place at the same time.

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