Why Tik Tok is losing subscribers - what to do

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Why do subscribers disappear in Tik Tok? You'll learn all the answers to this question in the article and you'll be able to increase your audience.

Why do subscribers disappear in Tik Tok? You'll learn all the answers to this question in the article and you'll be able to increase your audience. 

Why is Tik Tok taking away my followers?

Do you feel that Tik Tok is taking followers away from you? Have your videos stopped getting views and likes? Do you feel that you are appearing less and less on For You? What is happening? Has Tik Tok stopped liking you?

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Tik Tok algorithms are complicated, but if we analyze the platform well, we can understand why some TikTokers keep gaining followers and others go downhill. And in Fantoker.es we have done it, so we will tell you the 7 reasons why you are losing followers in your Tik Tok account, and how to do to not only reverse this situation, but also to progressively increase your audience.

Important: These tips apply to TikTokers with more than 10,000 followers. If you have less, the main reason for not having followers is the low quality of your videos and content.

Why do followers drop on Tik Tok?

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We must be clear, that Tik Tok does not take away your followers, but rather, it is your followers who decide not to follow your account anymore.

When you are an active user on the platform, you upload videos daily, interact with your followers and share good content (unique, of good quality, interesting or funny), it is normal that your followers increase by a few or many.

It is normal that at the beginning you dedicate a lot of time to this platform and your followers are on the rise. However, if you stop logging in to the app, you stop uploading videos or simply you are no longer creative and your videos are copied. In this case it is acceptable that those who were your followers stop following your account and look for another one more attractive or interesting for them.

Below we will detail several reasons why you lose followers.

7 Reasons why Tik Tok removes your followers and how to fix it

Watch out! These 7 reasons could be preventing you from increasing your followers on Tik Tok, and you could be losing them little by little.

1. Increased competition in your Sector

The most common reason why many TikTokers who started very well, are now losing followers or are simply stagnating, is because, the competition in the sector has increased. Each person on Tik Tok belongs to a category, maybe many don't know it, but Tik Tok does, and so do the algorithms. It is likely that in recent months new accounts have been born in Tik Tok, from people who talk about the same subject matter as you, who create the same content and even with greater originality, so users like you more and Tik Tok displaces you.

2. Low quality content

Tik Tok is a platform that rewards the theme of your content and the technical part of your video, although it does much more with the content, but if you have a lot of competition, it is essential that you also stand out for the good resolution of your videos, audios, light in the recording, sharpness, etc. So, if you are losing a lot of followers, improve the quality of your videos and you will see how you go up again.

3. Infrequent content

"Having thousands of followers is a big responsibility" or at least that's how Tik Tok and its algorithms see it. If you have thousands of fans on your Tik Tok account, they expect you to upload new videos, share information, make new dances, new transmissions, new content, etc. every day. Even if you gain followers very quickly, it will be difficult to keep them if you are one of the people who enter the app once or twice a week.

4. Lack of interaction with users

Tiktoks and its fans value a lot when TikToker is committed to maintain a fluid communication with them. Therefore, when you reach 1,000 followers, you activate the option to broadcast live, this is precisely so that you and your followers have a space with greater fellowship, get to know each other better and the audience becomes loyal.

If you are losing a lot of followers, we recommend you to make live transmissions more often, respond to comments, ask for opinions, answer questions, etc.

5. External controversies

There are certain stages where TikTokters can notice a stagnation in the number of followers, this happens when there are controversies or very big news, that for one or more days steal all the attention of users, for example; an important soccer match, a scandal in Hollywood, a paranormal event in the world, etc.

6. Content that violates the policies

Tik Tok will stop showing your videos on for you, if you violate their rules. They will warn you little by little, they may not even remove a video, but if their algorithms detect that the content is inappropriate, they will simply not show it, therefore, you will begin to lose visibility and followers. So if you upload a video and you don't have the expected reach, maybe you should review TikTok's content policies.

7. Complaints and account reports

Beware of your followers not liking you! That's right, when a Tik Tok account has many reports and complaints, little by little Tik Tok will stop showing you on the home page. Remember that this platform will always be in favor of the followers, so act with caution, say what you think without offending anyone and apologize if at any time you said something inappropriate.

Why did my followers disappear on Tik Tok?

"Hello I have a big doubt, I hope you can help me. I want to know why I lose followers on tik tok or why they disappear".

That Tik Tok followers disappear, is not something normal, however, that the number of followers is lowered if it is and it happens for the reasons we have mentioned above. If you suddenly notice that you do not have any followers, this is most likely due to a bug in the application.

A few days ago users reported that they all appeared with 0 followers, this of course was a problem of the platform and was quickly solved and returned to normal. If the problem persists, it is best that you contact Tik Tok customer service, so they can solve it as soon as possible.

How to delete followers on Tik Tok?

Generally users seek to have a greater number of followers, however, if you want to remove someone specific you must follow each of the steps that we will provide below.

  • To start, open the Tik Tok application on your cell phone.
  • Then go to your profile (icon of a person "me").
  • Now select the "followers" option
  • A list will appear where you must search for the follower or followers you want to delete.
  • Once you have found the name of that follower, press the 3 dots and select "delete this follower".
  • Repeat the process with all the followers you wish to delete.