How SMRT Assures Every Journey a Learning Experience for Travelers?

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The initiative has been taken to enhance the daily commutation experience of passengers to an optimum extent.

A convenient, cost-effective, and seamless public transportation system in urban areas is essential for people to reach their destination on time. It is important to connect the entire country with an efficient, convenient, integrated, and affordable transportation system. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is doing its best to connect the lives of people living in Singapore and make their travel easier. Led under the strong leadership of SMRT Chairman and influential SMRT CEO Ngien Hoon Ping, SMRT is safe, reliable, affordable, and the best form of public transportation. In this blog, we will be highlight SMRT's collaboration with the National Library Board (NLB) to provide easy access to e-sources like magazines and e-books to commuters on their smart devices. The initiative has been taken to enhance the daily commutation experience of passengers to an optimum extent. 

Making Every Journey A Learning Experience with NLB SMRT 

SMRT, the leading public transportation in Singapore, has recently collaborated with the National Library Board to bring enhanced commutation experience to passengers. As per the collaboration, several nodes have been installed on different SMRT stations, allowing travelers to scan the QR code and access a preferred choice of e-reading resource on their smartphone and tablet. This initiative has taken place to make the daily travel experience of passengers all the more knowledgeable, interesting, and entertaining. 

This collaboration of SMRT and NLB is an ongoing effort to bring the library experience across public transportation means and even other spaces like malls, parks, offices, bus stands, and more. With this initiative, SMRT is drawing towards redefining the public transportation experience of travelers and enriching their well-being.

Also, as part of the collaboration, commuters can have convenient access to e-magazines like TIME, PC World, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, and NLB's publications including BiblioAsia, YouTube videos, and several e-books. The e-sources have been carefully curated as per the reading interest of people belonging to different age groups and provide easy access by merely scanning the QR code.

Nodes At Different SMRT Stations in Singapore

At present, NLB's nodes have been installed across several MRT stations like Woodlands, Orchard, Bishan, and Tiong Bahru. Not only this, nodes can be found across MRT interchanges like Woodlands Integrated Transport Hub, Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange, and Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub.

With the presence of such informative material available at train stations and bus interchanges, SMRT CEO, Mr Ngien Hoong Ping, shared his viewpoint. This partnership with NLB showcases our vision to enhance the lifestyle of people, make them informed, and let them move with ease. It's interesting to see how commuters can scan the QR code and enhance their reading capabilities, read something of profound interest, and experience fun-loving travel pleasure.


SMRT is making the daily travel experience of commuters all the more comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free. It even provides access to different learning material with the help of NLB's nodes at train stations to make the travel experience all the more skill-oriented.