There are these causes of memory loss, one of which few people know about

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Experts say that our memory is closely related to the hippocampus, temporal lobe, frontal lobe and other structures of the brain, as well as the chemical transmitter components inside the brain.


Experts say that our memory is closely related to the hippocampus, temporal lobe, frontal lobe and other structures of the brain, as well as the chemical transmitter components inside the brain.

If we compare the brain to a USB, then memory is like storing things. We must not only store our experiences into the brain through the cerebral cortex, 專注力不足解決方法but also extract them effectively. When there is a problem with the critical core of USB, it affects memory storage and retrieval.

There are many reasons for memory loss, such as the following:


As we age, various functions of the body decline, the brain gradually shrinks, and memory also declines. Therefore, memory decline in the elderly is a normal 記憶力衰退原因physiological phenomenon. However, when the elderly experience memory impairment, attention should be paid to ruling out dementia, especially those with a family history.


Genetic factors have a great impact on people and are also the causes of many diseases, and their impact on memory is no exception. 記憶力衰退原因Some people often experience abnormal phenomena such as memory loss and mental decline after reaching a certain age, even when they are young, which may also be caused by genetics.


Some diseases can also cause secondary memory loss. Such as stroke, this disease is caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain tissue, coupled with the lack of oxygen and nutrients, causing the memory function of the brain tissue to fail to work properly, resulting in memory loss.

Some mental illnesses, such as depression, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, etc. , will also cause varying degrees of memory decline.

4. Bad lifestyle

For example, not enough sleep time. Staying up late for a long time and not getting enough sleep can damage your memory. In addition, for people who drink alcohol for a long time, the toxic substances produced by the metabolic activities of alcohol in the body will damage other organs and tissues, causing chronic alcoholism, causing some lesions in the brain tissue management, and then causing memory loss.

And smoking. As a smoker ages, so does his memory. Some studies have shown that smoking is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. A major cause of dementia is impaired blood flow to the brain, and smoking can cause narrowing of blood vessels and a lack of blood flow to the brain.

5. Over-reliance on electronic devices

Although electronic devices have brought great convenience to our life, work and study, if we usually rely too much on electronic devices, for example, simple calculations and records are completed by electronic devices, reducing daily mental work, It will affect brain function and lead to memory loss.

6. Bad mood

Research shows that some negative emotions, such as depression, anxiety, anger, etc., can affect the nervous system, causing tension on brain neurons, atrophy of brain cells, and long-term amnesia.

7. Liver and kidney deficiency

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the quality of memory is closely related to the internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys.

The liver governs dispersion and has the function of regulating qi. The reversal of qi and blood is essentially a disease in the liver tissue. "Blood at the bottom and Qi at the top" is the main pathogenesis of forgetfulness.

In addition, the kidney is the main part of the bone marrow, the brain is the ocean of bone marrow, and the bone marrow is the product of kidney essence. The fire on the door of life, driven by Yang temperature, fills the brain upward along the Du channel. The location of memory loss is in the brain, so "the brain is not full" and "the brain is gradually empty" are actually insufficient kidney essence.

In addition, the liver stores blood and the kidneys store essence. Essence and blood come from the same source. When the liver functions abnormally, we need to absorb the essence stored in the kidneys. As time goes by, the kidneys will gradually begin to fail. Therefore, liver and kidney deficiency can also lead to memory loss, which is due to factors that many people ignore or are unaware of.


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