How to Navigate Singapore Using SMRT as a First-Time Traveler

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This blog is designed to provide essential information for first-time travelers on how to use SMRT effectively.

Navigating Singapore is a seamless and cost-effective experience with SMRT, a leading public transportation system. Under the proficient guidance of SMRT CEO Ngien Hoon Ping, the network rapidly expands across diverse areas, providing convenience to passengers traveling throughout Singapore. Even for first-time visitors, SMRT offers an efficient way to explore the city while keeping transportation costs in check. This blog is designed to provide essential information for first-time travelers on how to use SMRT effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide to Traveling in Singapore with SMRT

Let's dive into a step-by-step process for using SMRT as your primary mode of public transportation.

  1. Make Your Way to SMRT from Singapore Airport 

For travelers arriving at Changi Airport, direct access to SMRT is available from Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Here are key points to consider:

  • For arrivals at Terminal 1, travel to Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 using the link bridge or Skytrain.
  • If arriving at Terminal 4, take the free shuttle to Terminal 3.
  • Direct access to the SMRT train station is available from Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.
  1. Buy Your E-Money or Contactless Card

To utilize SMRT's extensive network seamlessly, purchase a key card with the following options:

  • Obtain EZ-link or NETS cards for SMRT trains, buses, and LRT, also usable at selected merchants.
  • The card costs SGD 10, with SGD 5 as stored security. Top up the card as needed.
  • First-time travelers can consider the Singapore Tourist Pass, enabling travel via SMRT, buses, and other transportation means, with costs ranging from SGD 10 to SGD 20.
  1. Go to the SMRT Station

After obtaining your SMRT payment card, head to the selected train station with these considerations:

  • SMRT train stations are mostly underground with multiple entrances.
  • Choose any entrance to enter the station.
  • If traveling with luggage, use elevators instead of escalators.
  • Upon arrival, consult the line map to plan your journey based on your destination.
  1. Tapping Your Card At the Entrance Gate of SMRT

To enter the SMRT station, tap the payment card on the entry gate until the signal turns green. If the signal remains unchanged, check your card balance or seek assistance at the customer care window.

  1. Proceed Toward the SMRT Platform

Head towards the platform by following station signs. Wait for your train, maintaining distance from the yellow line to facilitate boarding and deboarding.

  1. Board the Selected Train

Enter the train, find an empty seat, or stand in the middle if seating is unavailable. Avoid standing close to entry and exit doors, allowing smooth passage for passengers.

Additional Etiquette Inside the Train

  • Avoid sitting on reserved seats.
  • Refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking inside trains. 
  • Pay attention to train announcement.
  1. Getting Off the Train

Exit the train when your station arrives, ensuring a gentle departure to allow others to exit. Look for exit signs and leave the station promptly.

  1. Tapping Your Card at the Exit Gate of SMRT 

Tap your payment card at the exit gate, choose a preferred exit area, and leave the premises smoothly.


SMRT provides a convenient, peaceful, and cost-effective daily travel experience for both locals and first-time explorers. Master the art of navigating SMRT to explore a wide spectrum of places seamlessly during your journey in Singapore.