Douxl Technology Provide Search Engine Optimization Services in Dubai - UAE

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Our SEO procedures make it obvious to you focused on the crowd which will give your business a prevailing spot in the market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Service Promote Your Business

SEO stands for Search engine optimization and it is mainly a procedure of improving online content to get more organic traffic from the result engine search pages. The meaning of SEO generally involves doing positive changes to the website content making the site more eye-catching to a #1 SEO Company in Dubai.

SEO Services:

Search engines are meant to provide the greatest services for their users. In other words, it delivers the results on the search engine page which are of high quantity and significant to what the user/ searcher is looking for. For this reason, when the client clicks on the site to do some looking, the web crawler will inspect by examining various sites to comprehend the data about the site which will additionally assist them with conveying great outcomes to the individuals who are looking for some distinct points.

Well Optimized Content:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about the well-optimized content that needs to be tailored according to the use of your audience and obviously, it should be high quality enough that is connected to other websites.

Working Of Search Engine:

Search engines usually comprise of three main ingredients which are listed below:
  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Picking the results

CRAWLING: Crawling means, to scan the website, its content, headings, keywords, images by means of thousands of small bots. All type of data which can be found on the website is scanned.

INDEXING: After the website is being scanned, the indexing takes place. Just imagine the indexing as a library full of websites instead of books that are from all over the world. It usually takes some time to index the website, usually about 1 to 10 days.

PICKING THE RESULTS: Picking the results is difficult for both the developer and the users. When the user submits his search query, the search engine digs into the index and provides the perfect matching results.

The SEO consultants Services in UAE which are running by the companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo maintain the accurate calculations of their algorithms undisclosed. However, there are many ranking factors that are well recognized.

Search Query Classification:

Here is some Classification of Search Queries:
  • Navigational search queries
  • Informational search queries
  • Transactional queries

A Navigational Query is a Search Query: These inquiries by and large address an aim to look for a specific brand or a site. People like to type “Youtube” or “Google” into search engines instead of using the browser’s history or bookmarks.

INFORMATIONAL SEARCH QUERIES: These queries are generally submitted when the users are in search of some information. They are not looking for a particular website, but for guidance on how to do something. Let’s say, “How to bake a cake”.

TRANSACTIONAL SEARCH QUERIES: This type of query is an objective to make a transaction. It typically comes with a product name (Rebook DMAX) or category (classic shoes). In addition to this, it can be written with “where to buy…”,” price”, or in a related manner.

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