Everything you need to know about Automation Anywhere

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Learn Everything about Automation Anywhere with specialist support. Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai guidance are helpful to learn the concepts with real-time examples.

Automation Anywhere is the largest RPA provider in the world. Leading companies around the world such as IBM, PWC and many more are leveraging this tool to scale their business process. Get a blissful future in this field with the support Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai, professional guidance will be helpful to learn everything about automation in a short duration. AA has three major parts. They are:

Control Room: It allows you to manage the bots to bot runners. With these, you can monitor various components.

  1. Audit Log
  2. Workload
  3. Bots
  4. Devices
  5. Activity

Component 1: Audit Log

This displays timestamps of all the activities performed in the client application and the control room. It also exports timestamps to CSV files. Know more about auditing via Automation courses in Chennai with an expert approach.

Component 2: Workload

It is not feasible to execute all the items in one place. Workload helps to divide automation tasks in a short duration.

Component 3: Bots

Bots display the AAE client details. Credentials and My Bots are the two major sub-components. 

Credentials: It is also called a credential vault which helps to save sensitive information with high security.

My Bots: Centralized location for all the documents, bots, reports are uploaded from Automation Anywhere Enterprise clients. Check Automation Anywhere Online Training

Component 4: Devices

From the tab, you can view registered data that is connected to the control room. A user can build device pools from the tab as well.

Component 5: Activity

It gives detailed information about automation on what is happening on the network. 

Scheduled: Displays all the activities which are scheduled previously.

Progress: Provides detailed information about on-going activities.

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