Solutions To Moldy Chunmee Green Tea

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oday, Zhenan Chinese Green Tea will tell you how to judge whether tea is moldy.

   If the tea leaves are stored for a long time, or if the storage method is improper, it will cause the tea to deteriorate and become moldy. Can the deterioration and mold of the tea leaves be seen with the naked eye? Can you smell it with your nose? Some people are not very familiar with how to judge whether tea is moldy. Today, Zhenan Chinese Green Tea will tell you how to judge whether tea is moldy.


  Zhenan Chinese Green said that under normal circumstances, to check whether the tea is moldy, you can judge whether the tea is moldy by smelling the tea smell, looking at the color of the tea, and observing the shape of the tea at 3 points. The details are as follows:

   1. Smell the smell of tea leaves. The normal smell of tea leaves has a faint tea fragrance, while the moldy tea leaves will have a musty smell, which will smell very pungent, and you can smell it when you lower your head.


  2, look at the color of tea leaves. The normal tea color is tender green or dark green, and the luster is relatively fresh. If there are black spots or white spots in the tea color, it means that the tea has moldy.


   3. Observe the shape of the tea leaves. Normal tea leaves are more uniform, firm, and brighter in color, while moldy tea leaves are looser, and there will be obvious mildew spots on the surface of the tea, and the color tends to be dull.


Generally speaking, it can be judged whether the tea has been moldy according to the 3 points mentioned by the above-mentioned Hongyuan tea investment promotion. I would like to remind my friends that moldy tea cannot be drunk. It can cause dizziness, diarrhea and other food poisoning symptoms. Therefore, for the sake of good health, do not drink the moldy Chunmee Green Tea. Throw it away.