PHP for web development

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PHP is a scripting language used by web developers to build websites with databases. It is installed 2.6 million web servers and 253 million websites in 2015. PHP helps to generate web page content, reading/writing/closing and operating the files in the server. Join PHP Training in Chennai and become an expert in web development with the best approach.

PHP Data Types:

  1. Array
  2. Strings
  3. Integers
  4. Boolean
  5. Null
  6. Object
  7. Float

Key benefits of PHP


  • Flexible and Unique

PHP is flexible and unique which can also support a broad range of libraries like:

- Extensible Markup Language

- Libraries used for graphics


  • Embedded Codes

PHP decodes HTML, so the user doesn’t need to do separate coding.


  • High Compatibility

PHP helps to integrate cross-platform applications that are compatible with web servers as well as operating systems. It is also compatible with servers like iPlanet, IIS, Apache, etc., Web scripts easily run on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, Solaris and many more. Join a PHP course in Chennai for a better future.


  • Easy to Learn

PHP language is synchronized with both C and C++ elements. It is easy to use the basic elements to build a perfect web.

  • Large Community 

There are several PHP developers, contributors and users as well. These communities help to solve problems and assist new ideas in a short duration.

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