Jagex Rewards Individuals Not Playing Runescape

Watch a post is seen by us there and here. Every week, However, subreddit and the forums are full of hate posts.


Watch a post is seen by us there and here. Every week, However, subreddit and the forums are full of hate posts. There's just no denying the community on social programs is quite negative towards RuneScape.I think there is more cause to be negative around RuneScape, and specifically the firm making RuneScape Gold   , than there is to be positive. MTX ramps up, we have weeks with countless problems and they pretend to care for duty of care. It's because the playerbase is so passionate it hurts so much when RuneScape is mishandled so much.

People whining about RuneScape is a good thing. When folks STOP complaining, the opportunity is. That means nobody cares. I agree with this post. Reddit is a vocal minority of top level. Some people have become poisonous to game continuity. Stay that way and we would like to basically be comped. We whine when we lose that status and therefore are angry when it is difficult to recover it. Like complaining about xp prices. But then we whine about xp being too simple days after when we announce a dxp occasion. It is like we want to hit on the ceiling of a game and be sure nobody else has there.

We hate anything that makes us also hate anything which may devalue the achievement and recover that achievement. We contradict ourselves. Look, rs isn't as big as it was but it is going strong. Most of us act like we are top tier devs, businessmen, and fortune tellers who can save RuneScape and bring it back to glory days. If ThAt were true we'd have achieved it. Jagex is currently handling things to upgrades from MTX. RuneScape is as powerful as ever and living. The negativity is not valuable and only undermines what we desire.

Style was only a ploy it's no functionality. Another changes that came with all the heritage udpate (9900 foundation HP and ability varies ) are the good portion of that update which enabled EOC to continue to get better and better. Crater Occasions are boring and destroyed Ironman Mode, they specifically choose the hard ironmen skills to be at these events because they know that people who have an IM are not going to miss out on that occasion as something like Herblore or Structure is such a nuisance to get up. Another problem with crater events is that they are so AFK, they are designed that you don't play RuneScape, the XP prices aren't OP its annoying that Jagex rewards individuals not playing Old School Runescape Gold  .