Microsoft Windows Azure

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Windows Azure

Windows Azure is the soul for the Azure Platform. It's an operating system that runs on every server. Azure abstracts the underlying hardware because this runs on multiple servers. This layer is considered as fabric. Virtual Machines run on applications and code. 

Cloud-Based Data Hub

Companies can build a data hub through SQL Azure. 

Centralized Data Access

Data is accessible to a variety of applications. Azure maintains the data easily and it is consumed by Flash, desktop applications, Silverlight, web and mobile-based applications.

Compute Intensive application

The azure platform helps to run intensive apps. Developers move their code and run across multiple instances in parallel. Join Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai and learn the Azure cloud concepts. 

Scalable Web Application

Azure helps developers to instantly scale their web applications without worrying about the cost. PHP developers can enjoy the attributes and benefits of elasticity.


Caching provides an in-memory service for applications. This enables apps to fetch the data from the high-speed cache. It stores multiple types of data such as Serialized CLR objects. XML and Binary. 


A user needs storage to run the application. It comes under three flavours. They are:

  1. Queues
  2. Tables
  3. Blobs

Queues - Helps to deliver the messages between apps. Best mechanism to communicate with Worker Role and Web Role. 

Table - Offers flexible names.

Blobs - Helps to store large binary objects like documents, media files and many more. 

Access Control Service

ACS provides a declarative way of defining rules. It is easily configured to cover the variety of security needs. It also integrates their on-premise security mechanisms.

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