You need mystic armour along with RuneScape

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You'll be in an area with 4 larger demons. Kill them off and a steel sword (m) will look. Take it and RuneScape gold use it with the slot to the north. You may hear a clunk. Proceed through the next door. Now you'll be in a room with a level 120 Aquados. Here's the way of killing it:

Aquados doesn't breathe fire, do you really don't require the anti-dragon shield. You would like armour here, as Aquados can reach well over 20 with melee. Luckily, he's weak to magical attacks. You need mystic armour along with a air staff. You can hide behind the stones and mage him. He is quite easy to conquer.

After he is dead, he will drop an Aqua Scale. Pick up this and equip it. Talk to it and he states he was overcome fairly. He will dissapear along with a chest will appear. Use the Thunder Key together with the chest and hunt it. You'll be teleported out. Talk to Ajiat again. He will turn the seed into the Sword of Thunder.

Razorlike stated to stop making pursuit thoughts, but it's not the end of the world when I create another, okay? Things: Yew shortbow, 1 log, any sort, a tinderbox, 100 steel arrows, ice gloves, and Varrock teleport runes. Quests: Heroes Quest. Start Point: Talk to the Armor Seller in the Ranging Guild.

Speak into the Armor Salesman in the Ranging Guild. Ask him whether he has a quest for you. He says its not really a quest, but he wants you to visit the Archer Tower, situated slightly west of Yanille. He will provide you an invitation. Head across the wall of Yanille, south of Ardounge, and across the western wall, you will discover a portal. Proceed and you will be in the Archer Tower. Use your invitation together with the clerk behind the desk and OSRS buy gold then go through the doorway.