How to activate Webroot antivirus?

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Webroot antivirus is the notable security item which routinely offers updates to shield your gadget from most recent danger and it can introduce through snap the download key for nothing.

Activate Webroot  antivirus


  • Activate with a New Keycode on Windows.


If you have a Webroot new activation keycode, you can redeem it and activate your Webroot  as follows

  • Open installed Webroot SecureAnywhere program on your device.
  • Now click the gear icon then to My Account.
  • Now you have to enter your keycode in the desired field Activate a New Keycode, then click on  Webroot Setup Activation A scan begins automatically, allowing it to proceed and complete.



Note: Webroot Keycode is a string of 20 alphanumeric characters. Having unique and holds the information about your Webroot subscription. You may copy and paste your keycode when asked to enter and ensure that the characters are entered correctly.



  • Activate with a New Keycode on Mac.


  • Open the SecureAnywhere program from the drop-down menu by clicking the Webroot icon in the menu bar.
  • Click the gear icon then to My Account from the main window.
  • Now enter your Webroot new keycode in the desired box on the right side.
  • After entering the keycode properly and correctly, now click on Activate a New Keycode. Then your new keycode will redeem, and now webroot will be activated.



Getting an error message when trying to activate a new Webroot keycode

  • Sure, that you have entered the keycode properly. Many times the user gets confused, when they type the code in manually like these characters I/1, O/0, S/5, B/8, etc.
  • When a keycode is received on an email, you may copy it and paste the keycode directly at installation with the setup file.

Like- copy and paste your keycode with, selecting the full keycode with your mouse control, right-click the on same keycode selection, and choose Copy from the context menu or you can press Command+C on your keyboard and, then place your cursor in the keycode box (Where prompted for the keycode), right-click now, and click Paste from the context menu or press  Command+V key.


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