Gold Making Guide for WOW CLassic 2020

Thanks for taking a look at our comprehensive WOW Classic Gold making guide for WoW Classic


Thanks for taking a look at our comprehensive WOW Classic Gold making guide for WoW Classic! Gold serves as the primary form of currency and is required to purchase several important things for your character. Without gold, you’ll quickly realize just how limited you are – both in power and speed!

One thing that is really nice about farming gold is the different number of ways you can actually make it. Whether you’re interested in making crafts with professions, farming for mob drops, flipping on the auction house, or creating a service, there’s definitely a gold making method for you. Fortunately for you, this guide will completely explain all of these gold farming strategies and how you can use them to start creating your own stream of gold revenue!

Many quite useful for gold making addons rely upon the game API, and knowing what sort of API functionality we will get from Classic is a quite important question. On the retail version of the game, players are long used to addons such as TradeSkillMaster, Auctionator, Auctioneer. Back in the days of Vanilla WoW, Auctioneer was actually the only auction house addon, and this raises questions in the community – should other add-ons even be present on Classic WoW, or would that work against the purpose of recreating the original game experience. There is no official position on this matter yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Complete World Quests

World Quests are the second easiest way to make gold. In Legion they still net a fair amount. They're fairly straightforward, just view the rewards that appeal to you and go complete it. Easy as pie. And if you have the time, extremely profitable. Just make sure to complete the Emissary quests for your rep. Even if you're maxed you can still get treasures. Obviously with BFA releasing this is pretty low priority but if you don't have it or are simply bored this is a good thing to do. Aim for the one's with the highest gold reward and I personally enjoy the puzzles as those are fairly simple and the Warden's bounty WQ are easy as well. They don't reward quite as much as they did in Legion, but if you want to it's not a bad way to get gold if you want to get the rep at the same time you can knock out two birds with one stone.

Gathering and Farming

There are so many things to be gathered in the game – ore, leather, herbs, fish, linen, mageweave, gems, stones, etc. There is much gold to be made from all these reagents.

Gathering is a good way to begin money making. Just find resources to gather or to mine while leveling your character, especially if you are trained in skinning. Note to yourself – you cannot pass 225 skill mark in your professions until you are at least level 35.

A major tip here – you should always sell gathered items at the auction house and use your bank alts to make this process optimized. You should also try to find constant buyers for the mats, they are out there – just ask in the chat and keep your eyes open on the trade chat. That will keep your sales consistent and will save you some time needed to put mats on the AH.

Farming is more suitable for higher level characters (level 40-50+). Farming works around instance runs, killing named bosses multiple times, running dungeons again and again for the chance of getting a desired drop and farming mobs in different areas and spots.

That approach to making gold takes more time than a road of gathering, and the payoff might be higher, depending on the cost of different items at the auction. That means you can make a 20 gold in a day, or 100g, depending on what drops you get (which is random).

If you got something nice but you don’t know what it is worth, try to compare it with similar items and price accordingly. If you’re still not sure about it, we suggest putting the price you want as the base one and a much higher amount for the buyout 24-hour bid window. You should do this on the weekend, because during this time there are more people online and you will have a better chance to sell your items, otherwise you may just lose your money if your auction does not sell. Putting items for a bid costs quite a bit, so you should always keep your items in the bank until Friday/Saturday/Sunday. It is best to put them on the auction at the primetime, around 7 p.m. on a Friday evening with a 24-hour bid and repeat that on the next day. Advertising item in the trade chat might work as well. Good luck with your trades!

Raw Gold Farming

Early on after server launch, at the time when server economy is not yet developed to the point of being able to make effective trades on the auction house, it is a common practice to farm mobs and for items with somewhat high vendor values. The bats in Eastern Plaguelands (Plaguebat, Noxious Plaguebat, or Monstrous Plaguebat) are a good example.

Crafting items

Sometimes you can make money by crafting items with ingredients supplied by other players who give you a tip to make the item. This is not necessarily a reliable source at low levels, but it can be a good supplemental income source at higher levels, particularly if you have good recipes. And if you can charge for the customer using your materials (as opposed to materials supplied by him/her), you can mark those up.

Quick Tips:

Take one, or better yet, two of the gathering professions: Mining, Herbalism, or Skinning. All of them are surefire moneymakers.

Wait until you are level 40, or even level 70 to take crafting professions—they can be money sinks and you can buy the items you would have purchased with the extra money from gathering. Raw materials are usually worth more than a crafted product.

If you do craft, learn what sells.

Generally, do not craft white items unless you know there is a demand for that item.

Learn what stats are useful and craft items that appropriately enhance those stats.

Do not overproduce; increased supply depresses price. You will get a better price per item if you sell fewer of an item.

Buying Low and Selling High

On this approach, we are getting into a more complex way of gold making. To follow this path you will need start-up capital, at least 10 gold.

The main idea is quite simple – you buy an item at a lower price than it is worth, and then you sell it for that higher price. Of course, getting an item at a lower price is the tricky part. To do this you will have to watch trade chat and filter WTS messages. Usually, these people want to sell their stuff right away, without waiting on AH. This is where you start negotiating, trying to get the item as low as it is possible, just make sure to always buy lower than you can sell it for. And thus comes the second part – watching the auction house to understand what is worth what, how quick you can sell it and get an idea of demands. If you see an item, and by watching the market you know it is up for less than it should be, buy it without second thoughts or someone will do it for you.

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