Pokémon: Three Electric-Types Who Totally Belong In A Different Type

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Most Pokes on the globe of Pokémon clearly embody a particular type. But, which Electric-type Pokémon don't squeeze into that type in any way?

Ever since Pokémon first had become in 1996, its followers can not get enough. In fact, despite all of these years, the franchise remains coming up with fresh ideas on the subject of creating these lovable creatures. When looking at Electric-type Pokémon, one example is, they have some of the most memorable out of your bunch.

Yet, throughout its history, there have definitely been some strange choices placed in this specific Pokemon Sword and Shield type. In fact, fans on the gaming series actually could think of a fair share of arguments against where these are currently placed. Although Pokémon like Zaptos and Jolteon are perfectly categorized, you will find others that could have benefitted from having different abilities.

Shinx. Shinx is one of the cutest Pokémon from Generation IV since it appears to be inspired by the baby feline of some sort. However, precisely what is rather strange about it is it is an Electric-type. With its bright blue fur, it is possible to assume that it is usually a Water-type instead. If this were true, it is actually would have offered something far different, which likely can have been welcomed with open arms.

Magnemite. Magnemite is usually a Pokémon from Generation I that lots of fans are usually fond of. If you love this pokemon, you can Buy Pokemon Sword and Shield to get Magnemite. It is hard to never root due to this little thing, but despite having this being so, it's strange that it's an Electric-type whatsoever. Before the introduction of Steel-type Pokémon in Generation II, that one was considered solely an Electric-type.

Plusle. Plusle looks akin to Pikachu but is red and a tad smaller. Given the fact that it truly is this color, it could have been intriguing if this were a Fire-type. This could have allowed this Pokémon to obtain more of an original identity. In fact, if the came into fruition, it would've been as being a Fire-type version of Pikachu. Pokémon performs this with Eevee's evolutions, so it could have been awesome to discover it with Plusle.