Future Development Of China Green Tea Factory

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Undoubtedly, with the recovery of the market, it also means that a new round of market competition has begun.


Undoubtedly, with the recovery of the market, it also means that a new round of market competition has begun. Many tea companies have released new products, increased the frequency of landing activities, and kept up with festival marketing nodes... These are all for the second half of the year. In the traditional peak season, seize more market opportunities.
   For the tea industry, how to break the market in the second half of the year is the key.

   We must pay attention to the "grabbing position" in brand marketing
At present, the atmosphere of competition in the entire Gunpowder Green Tea market is even more intense. Leading brands are going to sink to compete for market sales. New tea companies need to attract investment to build momentum for their brands, and regional tea companies need to iteratively upgrade to lay a solid foundation... For tea companies In terms of raising competition barriers or seeking greater market space, all of this is inseparable from brand-level support. Therefore, in the second half of the year, tea companies must pay attention to the "grabbing" in brand marketing.
   Judging from the situation that the market understands, in the post-epidemic era, the mid-to-high-end market will still be relatively small, and this has become a strong point for tea companies. In terms of publicity strategy, tea companies can make key breakthroughs through large single products, start KOL publicity, do a good job in the core differentiation of mid-to-high-end products, and deeply embed their brand image into core consumer groups.
   Xingchajun feels that linking with the high-end market with a more fashionable and higher-end brand image is still the top priority of the brand marketing of tea enterprises in the second half of the year. This will also lay a solid foundation for the gift tea market and seize more market share.
   In addition, in the process of market recovery, in fact, it is even more necessary for tea companies to create a "model" market. Such a model market is market confidence. Brand tea companies can conduct high-frequency tests on some consumer hotspot regional markets to create a representative model market in terms of products, consumer experience, and channel strategies
   In the first half of the year, due to the impact of the epidemic, a large number of offline tea consumption scenes were actually missing. With the increase in tea consumption confidence, tea companies should strengthen the construction of consumption scenes.
   At this time, it is necessary for tea companies to carry out large-scale brand promotion and experience activities. Social platforms can be used to actively supplement consumption scenarios, especially to shorten sales channels and increase sales conversion rates and brand arrival rates.
   Where is the focus of competition among tea companies?
   This year, some tea companies have been digging into online business, from personal consumption to mass-customized group purchases, from e-commerce platforms to live broadcast mini-programs, to develop online multi-scenarios around tea consumption.
   In addition, intensify the in-depth development of supply chain products to accelerate the rapid digestion and retailization of products. The rich, convenient and easy to brew tea, tea drinks and other product lines can play a big role in the later development of incremental markets or online diversion products.
  In the post-epidemic era, consumers are more concerned about healthy consumption. The tea industry should seize the trend and carry out research and development of new products to provide consumers with healthier and safer tea products.
  Xingchajun learned that some tea brands, including COCO, have launched some drinks with healthy concepts that can enhance immunity. And some tea brands have launched new products that put more emphasis on organic.
   The explicit expression of “healthy and beneficial” tea products in the future will become more important in the future. In other words, how to make the label of health more specific and targeted is a great test for tea product developers and marketers.
   Since May, we have seen more tea companies looking for new opportunities from product models, and some tea companies have launched very competitive new products.

   We have noticed that communication platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and live broadcast provide a wealth of link channels for the branding and product promotion of tea companies, bringing greater imagination.
   Therefore, based on such a marketing environment, more tea companies have begun to pay attention to the "single product model": combining their own advantages and consumer needs to build specialty products into competitive products, and then cooperate with the launch of other products as the icing on the cake.
Compared with other industries, we can easily find that the single product model is easy to give birth to classic products of enterprises, which is conducive to the focus of tea enterprises, and it is relatively easy to give birth to classic products of enterprises. This is beneficial to brand building and market reputation. .
   The situation of the tea industry in the second half of 2020 will only become more complex and changeable, but on the whole, in terms of brand marketing and product innovation, tea companies have greater opportunities for breakthroughs. Therefore, in order to be the first to compete for market share in the second half of the year, China Green Tea Factory must be in the best condition and step on the tea market consumption trend. For tea companies that have survived the epidemic, the second half of the year may be a new development opportunity.