What you should know about Path Of Exile: Delirium

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Grinding Gear Games has announced that Delirium is the first expansion of the Path of Exile this year. Players will have the opportunity to take over the endgame content through a series of difficulties and use the special Cluster Jewel to increase the already huge skill tree. If you want to be better prepared, you can now choose to Buy POE Orbs at poecurrency.com, and get a huge boost with very little cash.

The main focus of the expansion is on players discovering Deli's mirror. Like the previous expansion, activating this new object will generate new opponents and make existing opponents stronger, so consider the best dive time wisely. A lot of monster modifiers will be added to make the situation more deadly than them. Now, there are new bosses and rare and unique monsters. The deeper the player goes to the deli, the greater the challenges and rewards. For single players, this will appear as a new modification to the endgame map.

One of the most important items of this extension is Deli Orb. Like other modifiers, these modifiers can be applied to endgame maps to directly affect the intensity of the player's experience of cooked food. One orb will be difficult. You can use up to five orbs at a time to get the most difficult modifiers, but you can also get the best return. Finally, the ultimate challenge lies in Simulacrum. At the deepest part of the player's deli, you can find Simulacrum Splinters, and once you have collected 100, you can play the final fight in this expansion.

The Path of Exile has always been to build characters in a way that is best for each player. In total Delirium will launch four new skill games and three new auxiliary gyms. For example, Blade Blast will allow players to strategically detonate the blades left by Ethereal Knives, Blade Vortex and Bladefall. Stormbound places storm runes on the ground and spreads when the player guides, and can detonate as long as there is significant damage. New items have also been added, including new divination cards and unique items that will further promote new unique construction opportunities. Perfidy is a glorious plate armor that will use two different Banners at the same time and enhance the effect of War Banner and Dread Banner. Players can also get it by Buy POE Orbs PS4 when the version is officially released.

Delirium will launch on March 13th, it only takes a few weeks, so be prepared to get crazy! Path of Exile available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC