First released for mobile devices Legends of IdleOn

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First released for mobile devices Legends of IdleOn

Legends of IdleOn - Idle MMO Top Up First released for mobile devices Legends of IdleOn also arrived on the PC this Friday (02) via Steam. The title has surprised users of the platform who did not know the game for its excellent quality even more because it was developed by just one person. So much so that on Valve's game distribution platform the game which is Free-to-play currently has extremely positive reviews (94% of the 650 reviews are positive reviews about the game).

Legends of IdleOn - Idle MMO Currency Legend of IdleOn brings a mix of MMORPG with Idle games and a “pinch” of inspiration in games like MapleStory in lateral progression. In a way the game also resembles Terraria for presenting several Sandbox mechanics. Anyway according to the developer in the title players can create different heroes and specialize them in different classes as well as in other MMORPGs. You also have the possibility to obtain ores to transform into weapons and equipment which can be used to defeat monsters and progress your guild in the world unlocking more game systems and hero slots.

The game description says: "Idle games are usually just click boxes and numbers. However in this idle MMORPG you can build your own guild of unique characters and actually play as such carry out attacks and complete missions! And work while offline get all of your characters together to collect resources craft items and defeat bosses! Whatever you want to do IdleOn! MMO brings you some of the most content-rich systems you'll see in any idle game! "