China Auto Parts Factory Introduces How To Deal With Static Electricity On Auto Parts

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In life, we may encounter static electricity when we pick up car parts.

In life, we may encounter static electricity when we pick up car parts. Since there are many reasons for static electricity, it will take more time to determine the real cause of static electricity. Therefore, China Auto Parts Factorywill introduce 3 simple and good ways to remove static electricity.

  1. Touching metal objects
    If you are afraid of static electricity, you can first touch the car parts with a metal object such as a key, so that one action will not be afraid of static electricity, and then try again in the same way at intervals to ensure that the static electricity has been eliminated.
  2. Increase humidity
    Static electricity can disappear with the increase of humidity, so you can spray some water around the car parts. Keep a certain amount of humidity around the car parts so that static electricity cannot be generated. This is also a simple living machine technique to avoid being touched by static electricity.
  3. Reduce chemical fiber products
    When touching the car parts, pay attention to the human body wearing chemical fiber clothing as little as possible, because chemical fiber materials are most likely to generate static electricity, and then avoid using chemical fiber materials, such as towels, around the car parts.

Through the above introduction,China Motorcycle Parts Factory  hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.