Steam trading cards are updated to counteract abuse of fake games

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The Steam trading card may well not immediately attract your attention, because it is an aspect of the platform that's in urgent demand for overhaul. It turns out that the system is open the game to bad actors and they have found a way to manipulate Steam Greenlight to achieve card farming.

The whole thing may be traced to the popularity of Steam cards, which quickly surpassed Valve’s original goal of small collectibles for specific game fans, you can buy legal and cheap Steam Level Up on, developers' easy solution to add value easily to card demand becomes Important enough that there's an economic opportunity worth making the most of.

The post explained: "At that time, our bad actors arrived while using the goal of earning money by publishing fake games on Steam." "These fake developers took advantage of the features we presented to all developers on Steam, namely The ability to generate Steam keys for his or her games.

Valve admitted that this fake Steam card transaction did not hurt anyone. The problem is the game utilized to generate the mess in the Steam Store algorithm, maybe Steam Level Up can help you, which as Valve explained a couple of weeks ago, can be the core ingredient that makes the Steam Store work.

A simple plan ended up being to remove the financial part on the Steam cards, but Valve took a less drastic approach. Instead, Valve will introduce a "confidence level" towards the system to stop the game from losing cards until it is determined the game showcased was purchased and played using a real person. Once this takes place, cards will be dropped to your players as usual.