Solar Dc Freezer Has A Thick Insulating Layer And A Self-produced Compression Refrigeration System Optimized For Solar E

Energy-saving refrigeration uses a Solar DC freezer and freezer to save costs.

  Energy-saving refrigeration uses a Solar DC freezer and freezer to save costs. These high-efficiency Solar DC freezers have extremely low energy consumption, require smaller, cheaper power systems, and lower operating costs. The high-quality structure provides excellent reliability and long life. The zero-maintenance, brushless, thermostatically controlled Merira DC compressor runs on 24 or 36V DC.

  The Solar DC freezer from the chest freezer factory has a thick insulating layer and a self-produced compression refrigeration system optimized for solar energy, which can provide excellent economical and reliable operation. Low energy consumption is the key or battery that enables Solar DC freezer to supply electricity economically and efficiently with solar, wind, and fuel cells. This technology allows refrigeration in remote areas that were previously unavailable or expensive​​.


  1. Obtained a number of national patents

  2. Use self-developed DC compressor

  3. Automatic low-voltage cut off to protect the battery

  4. Wide operating voltage range: 20.5V~42.5V

  5. Application: solar energy, ship, business, etc.

  6. Performance: 45 minutes to -18°C and 45°C room temperature

  7. DC compressor has been manufactured for more than 10 years.

  8. No need for AC inverter

  9. Environmentally friendly non-fluorine refrigerant (R-134a / R-600a)

  10. High temperature resistant and energy-saving design

  11. Low power consumption, make full use of available power

  12. Use AC110/220V power supply via AC/DC adapter