Gwent launches crossplay, achievements, and trading cards on Steam

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In a great world, CD Projekt Red will commemorate the 5th anniversary of "The Witcher 3" with a few amazing DLC ​​or new missions, so I can prove why I replay the game I have devoured again. Unfortunately,  Cyberpunk 2077 is extremely busy, so all we obtain is the news that Gwent has become joining Steam.
This is nothing to Gwent, I think it is quite good, especially you buy cheap Steam level up on MMOSO. When it was stuffed into The Witcher 3, I didn't like it very much, because I would rather kill monsters or fight with moral dilemmas, but just as one independent card game, it becomes more attractive, Especially in CDPR continues to develop. Since its release, several extensions have been released, adding hundreds of new cards and keywords.
If that you are playing on iOS or GOG, you can switch to the Steam version without losing your items or progress. There is also crossplay and Cheap Buy Steam Level Up, so everyone can play together no matter the platform. It also is sold with Steam achievements and trading cards.

Gwent is provided for free to play, but you can spend cash to get packs of cards to complete your deck faster. To get you started, CDPR recently comes up with six introductory decks containing 25 faction cards, made to work with new leadership abilities.