How long do you keep your old class assignments?

I was not so brilliant in my studies but I never missed any classed and never missed any notes to take from the teacher as I thought that the notes will help me a lot to pass my exam and the notes did so.

Since I am 42 years old, this has been a long while. It is very hard for seeing your old class assignment or your old class assignments as it has been so many years I have finished my school and my Dissertation Methodology college.


 However, I can imagine the old classes where the stuff of the school might be very interesting later on.  This mainly depends on whether the subject is main subject to your class or not and this was the way to decide how important and intelligent the class notes were. Once I opened a copy of my English book, where I found the notes where I had written some pages about the topic which I needed to prepare before my University Assignment Help  exam.  I was thinking about the days that how much I had unwillingness to read that chapter as I never liked that chapter forms my English book. Now I realize how much that chapter was important to life. 


I also had the other class notes, which I used to take or  Dissertation Editors write down while attending the class at my school and college. I never threw them away, as I felt that this would help me somehow in my future and in my professional life. Not only in the professional write my assignment, the notes always makes me remember about my old school and college days, which were some of the awesome memories of mine.

I had different notebooks for different subject. That used to make it easy for me to understand the notes chapter wise. Now I have few students, who came to my house for taking tuitions, I provide them the class assignment and Factoring Calculator notes of mine that our teachers gave us or I have done in my school days. The students are getting much help form the assignment help and I feel happy whenever I see the old assignment and those assignments gives me encourage for doing better in my life