China Die Casting Supplier Introduces The Method Of Designing Aluminum Die Casting Parts

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China Die Casting Supplier introduces the structural design experience of aluminum die casting parts:


China Die Casting Supplier introduces the structural design experience of aluminum die casting parts:

1. Consider the problem of wall thickness. If the thickness gap is too large, it will affect the filling;

2. Consider the problem of demolding, which is very important in the practice of aluminum die casting, and such problems often appear in reality. This is much more difficult to deal with than injection mold release, so special attention should be paid to the setting of draft angle and the calculation of dynamic and fixed mold release force. Usually, the draft angle is 1 to 3 degrees, and the smoothness of mold release is usually taken into account. The slope of the outer draft is smaller than that of the inner draft, and the outer draft is only 1 degree

, And the internal draft is about 2~3 degrees;

3. Considering the problem of mold design when designing, if there are multiple orientations of pulling the heart, try to put the two ends as much as possible, and it is best not to put the heart in the lower position, so that the pulling of the heart will easily cause problems when the time is long;

4. The appearance of some die-casting parts may have special requirements, such as oil spraying, powder spraying, etc. At this time, it is necessary to avoid important appearance orientations to set the gate overflow groove;

5. In the layout, try to avoid the presentation of the layout that leads to the complex layout of the mold, such as having to use multiple core pulls or spiral pulls, etc.;

6. For parts that need surface processing, pay attention to the need to leave a suitable amount of processing in the part design, not too much, otherwise the pores inside will be exposed, and not too few, otherwise rough and precise positioning and processing , The black skin has not been processed, you will wait to spark on the mold, how much do you give it, the best amount should not be greater than 0.8mm, so the processed surface base

The pores cannot be seen because of the protection of the hard layer;

7. Aluminum alloy has no elasticity, so it only needs to cooperate with plastic to make the deduction;

8. Deep holes are usually not allowed! Only make some holes when opening the mold, and then post-process;

9. If it is a thin-walled part, it should not be too thin, and a reinforcing rib must be used to increase the bending resistance! Because the temperature of aluminum castings should be around 800 degrees Celsius! The life of the mold is usually relatively short, and it will be damaged if it is made like a motor shell as long as about 80K!

Through the above introduction, Aluminum Die Casting Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.