Old School RuneScape's Trailblazer league kicks off next month

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If you've been out of this loop, the new league will probably continue two weeks and be based in Misthalin. You start things off with a fresh accounts, and RuneScape Gold you have to finish tasks to unlock more areas. You may want to take a moment to contemplate what areas those will be, however, since you can not unlock them all. Additionally, it is worth noting that everyone will be enjoying as an ironman or ironwoman. Also, to accommodate the greater variety of iron players, particular shops are getting more supplies and rapid restocking rates.

There are other changes on the way, too. The Dragon Slayer 2 pursuit unlock suggestion is becoming eliminated, five Runecraft will probably be added as a starting stat, and also the Dramen staff has been thrown to the starting equipment. You may take a look at the shiny new preview below, or visit Jagex's site for more details.

RuneScape is the gift that keeps on giving. Initially launched back in 2001, the MMORPG developed by Jagex is one of the most recognizable names in gaming. The name failed multiple iterations since its introduction almost two years ago and is nowadays better known by most as OSRS, though it is not the exact same match. Old School RuneScape or even OSRS is Jagex's attempt to introduce the game to a new generation of gamers without making substantial changes to the original formulation.

OSRS is a standalone game that does not require the normal RuneScape to run. While RuneScape 3, as it is often known, is very much alive and kicking too, Old School RuneScape is a lot more popular and has a larger user base. It's more or less the same situation we have seen with World of Warcraft vs World of Warcraft Classic. However, while Old School RuneScape remains an enjoyable and addictive game to this day, wrap your head around its many mechanics and systems can take a while. Between worrying about your own OSRS gold, gear, skills, actions and so much more, there's really a bit of learning to do here. With that in mind, we put together a couple of tips and secrets that will help you get going on the right foot. This brief guide won't teach you everything you need to know about OSRS, but it is going to cover some very important principles.Old School RuneScape's most up-to-date poll is now dwell and -- if all goes well -- the game might be getting a brand new free-to-play pursuit. Beneath Ice Mountain is a rookie quest that brings with it a new dungeon, but it will not be added into OSRS unless the community votes in its favor. All told, the current OSRS poll is asking eight questions about the new content. The most essential is the very first, which asks if Below Ice Mountain should be added to the match at all. Those that follow are only trying to pinpoint which material is most interesting to this community.

Below Ice Mountain would observe players detecting ancient secrets that lie under Ice Mountain. Finishing the pursuit would give you access to Buy OSRS Gold Ice Mountain Dungeon -- a new F2P dungeon"packed with battle chances, skilling actions, and a lot of beautiful lore." Jagex said anyone who appreciated Forthos Dungeon will like what it is doing with Ice Mountain Dungeon.