RuneScape developer Jagex bought

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The Carlyle Group did not disclose the conditions of RS Gold the trade, however, The Daily Telegraph reported that the value of the deal is anticipated to be greater than the $530m (£390m) compensated for Jagex when it was obtained from its previous Chinese owners by a US holding firm in 2020.

Jagex employs over 450 people, and is among the greatest and most successful British video game studios. It is famous for the fantasy MMO RuneScape, which has seen almost 300 million player balances made since its launch 20 decades ago. 2020 saw record numbers of subscribing players, Jagex stated, more than half of which are in the USA. The Carlyle Group said it will support Jagex"as it continues to drive growth by expanding the heart RuneScape franchise via investment in RD and increased content launch prices, as well as starting new titles to diversify its portfolio and engage with the even wider community of gamers".

Jagex manager Phil Mansell said:"I am so proud that Jagex is teaming up with Carlyle, a prestigious investment team that believes in the capacity of Jagex, our vision for expansion, and will encourage us in accelerating our continuing growth plan. We'll continue to expand our sport teams to create and deliver more excellent content for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. We will continue to produce exciting adventures for our players, develop our global communities, construct new games to expand and further explore the RuneScape world, lend our expertise to publish third-party matches out of like-minded online game developers, and also invest in the incredible tech and talent which powers this all."

Jagex has been on something of an ownership rollercoaster in the past couple of years. In 2016 it was offered to a Chinese conglomerate for $300m - a mining company with little tech expertise.

The two Runescape and Old School Runescape, the retro variant of OSRS Gold For Sale Jagex's longstanding MMORPG, are coming into Steam. Jagex confirmed the impending Steam launch of both games today. Runescape, colloquially called Runescape 3 since it's the most updated version of the sport, will arrive on October 14. Old School Runescape, which uses the 2007 version of this game for a foundation, will come to Steam sometime in 2021.