RuneScape Adds Valentine's Quest This Week As Old School Version Continues Equipment Balance Plans

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RuneScape is having a busy week , and it is just Monday. Its principal version is launching a brand new Valentine's Day-themed quest, while Old School RuneScape is still working through feedback to its proposed equipment balance changes.

RuneScape's Heartstealer pursuit kicks off this week, with players join an NPC called Caelyn in a heist to steal a"massive heart-shaped ruby" to RS Gold secure an anniversary gift for Annette. While definitely a Valentine's Day flavored quest, it'll be available forever, so you should not tackle the heist right away. It'll be accessible to anybody, no requirements needed, but individuals who have at least a level 20 Thieving skill can maintain a thieving XP Lamp following the quest. Old School RuneScape lovers can continue to provide comments on the proposed Gear Balance changes that the developers have been suggesting since late January. The newest blog post puts forth some of he real changes based on player feedback the team has in mind to execute. The OSRS staff did caution that a number of the modifications will impact some players and assembles over others, and they're speaking internally to figure out ways to allow these influenced builds to"continue in their current form, whilst trying to achieve the consequences [they're] aiming for."

Therefore, the team recorded out some of the proposed modifications to object requirments into"better fit their stats," such as making the Inqsuisitor's Mace now demand 80 Strike versus the first 75, or raising the base edition of the Nightmare Staff from a 65 Magic level to 72. The Old School RuneScape team also detailed some of the plans to nerf a few items, stating they are simply"too strong to stay as they are."

You can take a look at the full proposed changes, as well as the previous versions of the site discussion here. Furthermore, Jagex's CEO recently spoke in Cheap OSRS Gold a meeting regarding his feelings around the acquisition of the RuneScape dev by The Carlyle Group and the way it affects the studio moving forward.