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The Power of Positive Thinking: Affirmations Self Help Articles | December 10 Cheap Mike Hughes Jersey , 2006

Our thoughts are magnetic--they draw to us whatever we are thinking. Positive thinking creates positive results. Negative thoughts attract negative experiences and keep us stuck. Many of our fear-based beliefs came from decisions we made from our experiences.

For example, if you feel guilty about something you did, you may decide that you are bad and that you don't deserve to be prosperous. In order to move on in your life, and enjoy more love, health, and abundance, it is necessary to release negative self-defeating thoughts and replace them with positive ones. These are called affirmations.

You can easily change any negative thought into a positive one. Listen to your daily thoughts and conversations. Whenever you hear a negative one, say, "cancel" or imagine that you are erasing it. You can also imagine that you are burning it away with a laser beam or whatever image works for you. Then change it to a positive one. After awhile, you will begin to do it automatically.

You can also become aware of your negative thoughts by making a list of them. Write at the top of a piece of paper Cheap Dru Samia Jersey , I am afraid that ______ and fill in the blank with whatever negative thoughts come to mind. Choose one, and change it to a positive thought. Start with the word, "I," followed by your name and the new thought.

For example: The negative thought or fear, I am afraid that I don't deserve money, can be changed to, I, (your name), deserve an abundance of money. Since many of our thoughts come from comments we heard from others, it is helpful to also substitute Cheap Alexander Mattison Jersey , "You" and "She" for "I."

For example, You, (your name), deserve an abundance of money. And, She, (your name), deserves an abundance of money.

It is important to be honest with yourself and feel okay wherever you are in the moment. Therefore, if you are having difficulty accepting your affirmation, you can add some words to make it more believable.

Example: I, (your name) Cheap Irv Smith Jr. Jersey , am beginning to believe that I deserve some money. After awhile, you are likely to change it to, I, (your name), am beginning to believe that I deserve an abundance of money. And finally to: I, (your name), deserve an abundance of money.

If you still don't believe the new affirmation, then write your negative thought on a piece of paper. Follow it by the word "because" and list the reasons.

For example, I, (your name) Cheap Garrett Bradbury Jersey , don't deserve some money because:

1. I stole a dollar from my father when I was a child.2. I don't know how to handle money. 3. I am afraid it will make me greedy for more. 4. I'm worthless.

Now, on another piece of paper, write an affirmation for each negative belief.


Number 1: I, (your name), forgive myself for taking a dollar from my father when I was a child.

Number 2: I, (your name), am beginning to believe that I know how to handle money.

Number 3: I, (your name), believe that I can have money and be generous.

Number 4: I, (your name) Cheap Josh Metellus Jersey , am a worthwhile person.

Now throw away the negative thoughts and say the positive ones.

If you're still not convinced, you can do the following exercise. Write your affirmation on the left hand side of a piece of paper, and your feelings on the right. Continue to do this until you are finally ready to accept your affirmation.

For example:

I, (your name), deserve money. No, I don't.

I, (your name), deserve money. No way!

I, (your name), deserve money. Why?

Cheap Harrison Hand Jersey , (your name), deserve money. Why not?

I, (your name), deserve money. Well, maybe.

I, (your name), deserve money. Well, maybe a little.

I, (your name), deserve money. Yes Cheap Jeff Gladney Jersey , I do deserve money.

If this doesn't help, and you find yourself getting increasingly more negative, you probably have to go a little deeper. Perhaps there is another negative thought underneath the one you've been working on.

For example, behind I don't deserve money, could be the belief that money is evil. A possible affirmation is: "I, (your name), am beginning to believe that money is one way I express caring to myself and others."

If you were not able to find any other negative thoughts, ask yourself what you're getting out of holding onto the belief, I don't deserve money. Chances are that you're staying safe. The affirmation can be: I, (your name) Cheap Cameron Dantzler Jersey , have an abundance of money and I am safe.

Here are several more suggestions when working with affirmations:

? Keep them short.

? Use only positive words. Instead of, "I am not bad," say I am good."

? Stay in the present. Avoid statements like, "I will" or "I hope to." Instead, say, "I am."

? Focus on only a few affirmations at a time.

? Say your affirmations several times with feeling (as if it is already happening in your life), record them on tape and play them back, or sing them out loud. Repetition is important, so review them often until they become part of your automatic thinking.

? Write an affirmation on a card and place it where you will see it often. For example: refrigerator door, bathroom mirror Cheap Troy Dye Jersey , bedside or desk.

When you choose to be conscious of what you are thinking and saying, remove negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, you will have the power to easily draw to you what you desire. You do deserve love, health, happiness and success in every area of your life. Go for it!

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