Best mafia games organized crime

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Crime traveler is one of mafia games, when mafia gangs meet into justice messengers, you need wisdom, brave and encourage ,so play this puzzle game on

Crime travelers is the top crime video games , In this mafia games, a group of street gangs appear in people's field of vision and organized crime. As a member of the justice messenger, you need to speculate on the development of the story based on experience. By moving the comics and preventing the crime gangs from organizing crimes, let us try it together on!

Few people with other choices will choose to organize crime, but to some extent, we are fascinated just in the culture. Most of our entertainment is based on people who do terrible things, and these things we will be condemned in real life. It's the same in games and movies or books.

We don't know why there is such an answer. What we know is that there are many crime games that are very good, and you could consider playing these games and not to be condemned!