Chicago Bears: 3 Draft day trades to consider with Cincinnati Bengals

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Chicago Bears: 3 Draft day trades to consider with Cincinnati Bengals

The 2021 NFL Draft presents many opportunities for Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears to create some excitement.To get more news about [url=]bears jerseys[/url], you can visit bearsbuy official website.


Believe it or not, there should still be some faith in the organization by the fans. The offseason is not yet completely over, and there is plenty of time for this team to surprise us all.But, to do that will require making a move in the upcoming draft. There is no other free agent signing that could possibly excite the fan base or coerce us all into thinking this coming season will be a success.


The reason? It all starts with the quarterback position. It starts and ends there, period. There is a lot of talent at certain positions on this roster, but we cannot possibly believe Andy Dalton is going to lead this team to a Super Bowl, or even to the playoffs.Improving this roster has not been on the forefront of Pace’s mind throughout free agency. Despite what he wants us all to believe about Dalton, the Red Rifle isn’t going to be the savior we’ve all long desired under center.


This year’s draft class is an intriguing one, and not only at the quarterback position. Chicago could definitely look to try and move up for a quarterback, but they should also keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities to increase their draft capital overall this year.


One particular team that could become a great trade partner is the Cincinnati Bengals. The biggest reason why? Cincinnati has their franchise quarterback — and in many situations, that’s all that matters.